"Happy" as written by and Perry/fischer/spooner/vernhes....
Maybe I could fall
Baby, I could fall apart
To conceal, to protect, to serve and to reject

I'm turning into something
Go all the way to the right
I'm going past, I'm going past, I'm going past the next two lights.

Hit the streets
They talk to me
A fickle beast who's nice today
It's such a waste, another day
Such a waste, But it feels great
But it feels great

It feels great

Everything has taken a turn
In disguise as what I want
I can leave her
I cantilever
But I keep coming back for more

I'm turning into something
Go all the way to the right
I'm going past, I'm going past, I'm going past the next two lights

[Chorus: x2]

But it feels great today

It may be a waste
Another day
It feels great

It may be a waste
Another day
But it feels great
It feels great

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"Happy" as written by Nicolas Skorsky Jean Claude Petit

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    General CommentI can leave her,
    I cantilever,
    but I keep coming back...
    for more.
    DJ_Falcoron August 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthe's saying he keeps doing all these things that are a waste of time (maybe he knows his relationship with the girl isn't going anywhere) but he doesn't care because he's having fun, he's happy.
    teacuproseon July 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHonestly, I don't think that anyone ever gives fischerspooner enough philosophical credit. This song reeks of the slow decay of a wasteful lifestyle. In the beginning you find a plea to the fragility of the human mind, or at least the humanity of that mind.

    you then have a system of edicts, rules to live by. I can't say for sure whether these are rules for the life before the indulgence or of the indulgence itself.

    He talks about turning into something other than what he is, progressing further and further into whatever creature he sees at the end of the tunnel.

    Suddenly everything is different. Maybe there's an incongruence between the lifestyle and the edicts, either way, despite recognizing the change, he continues progressing and changing and indulging.

    in the end, that's all there is left. There's no reasoning, just the proclamation that no matter if he's lost himself and everything he used to be and everything that surrounded him, at least it still feels good. Even if his insides and his environment is deteriorating due to stagnation, denial, indulgence and overall negligent nature, at least it's still fun.

    At least he's still "happy."
    timmymcnutton March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about Casey Spooner's relationship with New York City

    'I wanted to write about the city because it’s a very intense and special place to me. It’s really kind of defined my character. I don’t think I could be doing what I do anywhere else in the world, but I’m telling you this town can be a bitch.

    It’s like an unconquerable beast and you just don’t know what each day is going to be like. Some days it’s the most voluptuous, incredible, epic place that sort of takes you to an ecstatic realm. Sometimes just walking down the street, there is such an energy, joy and excitement in being here. Then there are other days, when it feels like she’s literally just bearing down on you. You can’t do anything right and nothing is easy. And she won’t let you in. So it was like taking those feelings that at times are bitter sweet and talking about my relationship with the city.'

    Full interview:
    s7409651on May 25, 2009   Link

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