Old receipts and photographs and pictures of a long lost past are all that remain.
It’s funny how things can change…
Remember when we left our homes together, we drove through sunny days and
Stormy weather and I had to face my fears, and I’ll tell ya,
Without you I wouldn’t have made it through the years.
And I wanted you to know that, cause I don’t know if I showed that,
I’m as empty as a shell sometimes and it’s hard for me to say what’s on my mind.
But right now I’ve got a lot to say to you, like that I love you
And if you want me to I’ll say a prayer for you.
May you live happily
May you raise a family
May you always be healthy, till the day God sets you free.
You were my heart and soul, you know alota shit about me no one will ever know
And I may never open the door for no onr cause I’d never ever wanna have to let them go
Like I’m letting you go now, you know it breaks my heart to let you down,
And if I could’ve frozen time, five years ago I would’ve pulled the line and stayed right there, together
And I hope that we can get along, and I hope this makes us better
I’ll think about you whenever I sing this song, but by the time you read this letter
I’ll be gone…

I may not be a revolutionary, but whatever I choose to be, I control my own destiny
And my road, well it’s leading us apart and this time I’m gonna follow my heart.
I know it’s what’s best for me, I hope it’s what’s best for you.
I know you got tired of me just raising my voice at you.
But I won’t lie about it and I’m sure you feel the same way too
I hope your okay and I kinda’ miss you
Like the days when we thought we had it made
Like the days we worked hard and never got paid
Like the days we split seven bucks a day
Like when we thought we’d get ours someday
Like “all the way jive”ing, trick high-fivin, Stevie Wonder marathons while we’re drivin

Like the night it almost came to blows, standing outside in the snow nose to nose
That night I slept out in the van and froze, woke up the next morning with the same clothes but a different point of view.
You see I could never stay mad at you, so many things that we’ve both been through
Must’ve saved my life at least a time or two
And if I get to heaven before you do, I’m gonna be an angel looking down at you.
And that’s the least that I could do for you
Oh, I’m gone
And this is my Departure

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