Full of frequency
an unintelligible roar
of everything ever lived
or altogether avoided life

A storm of voices
and backward thoughts
through deserts of sand
through gutters of shite

Drums and flames
our bodies in ruins
and I say my name
without my voice

Speed increases
fucking all up
in a whirling wind
tearing all order apart
in order to rebuild order

Police, police, police
please stop the Euro
from binar bin Laden
Io paramount Pan
Io Paradox Pan

Don't fight it, you'll only
whirl up all mass hysteria
in your thousandfold self

We lost eachother
we slide unnoticeably
in hallucinatory orbit
around the sun
the black sun
oh black sun

Lyrics submitted by Bloodmouth

For To End Yet Again song meanings
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    General CommentAs an entire entity, this song is perhaps the most beautiful pieces of music that exists in our time, if not for the meaning, then of the tune and rhythm.

    To begin, the song starts with a resonating, Victorian-sounding distortion accompanied by very light percussion, which is led entirely by guitar. Soon, the guitar enters into a much heavier, avantgarde metal feel with the singers pouring their hearts into their voices and experimenting with pitch to produce great sound qualities.
    As the first chorus sinks off, the flow seems less-intense overall, and by the time the second chorus fades, we're left exclusively with the piano, which lends an exquisite motivation to the song itself before (Now around the 5min mark) the song takes a darker tone with the piano lost in favor of a modern keyboard distortion, which is replaced by haunting, underlying notes accompanied by strange sounds that would seem right at place in am H.P. Lovecraft book.
    This continues on until a frightening explosion bursts forward and the song takes on a deeper sound- like transitioning from the River Styx directly into Hades. Nothing is held back as the vocals continue- there are some missing lyrics between "police, police police" and "in order to rebuild order", but I'll let that slide.
    Finally, the song builds up to a slow crescendo as the "oh, the black sun" finishes- the crescendo they build up to can cause trembles in those not prepared for this epic monument to music. It is aided with trumpets, which sound closer to signaling the end of days, rather than this song. The climax of it all comes when a guitar screeches through heavy distortion for a little under a minute and then a quick fade to black.

    I have no doubt when I say that song rivals The Odyssey, and Arcturus play the combined role of Odysseus.
    HereticAlphaon June 27, 2011   Link

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