"Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)" as written by Jarvis Branson Cocker, Stephen Patrick Mackey, Nick Banks, Candida Doyle and Mark Andrew Webber....
When you think you're treading water, but you're just learning how to drown.
And a song comes on the radio telling you that "The Only Way is Down".
You're out of luck, you're out of time, get out of here.
Your lover just traded you in for the very same model but a much more recent year.
It will not stop, it will get worse from day to day 'til you admit that you're a fuck-up; like the rest of us.
Oh, that's the time you fall apart .
That's the time the teardrops start & that's the time you fall in love again.
Yeah, that's the time you fall in love again.
The recreational pursuits that made you shine have worn you thin.
And it's oh so fine getting out of your mind as long as you can find your way back in.
You want someone to screw your brains out
I'd say they're running out of time & they'd only go & cut themselves on the daggers of your mind.
This is your future.
This is the sentence you must serve 'til you admit that you're a fuck-up like the rest of us.
Oh, that's the time you fall apart.
That's the time the teardrops start & that's the time you fall in love again.
When you've had enough, when you've had too much,
When you got knocked down & you never got up.
That's the time you fall in love again.
Oh, when you walked into the room I could not breathe, I could not speak.
Please could I hide myself inside you?
As far inside as it's possible to be.
Can you assist me? I could not make it on my own.
Can I give you all the love I have?
It's not much but I'll try & raise a loan.
I have no pride left, no, no there is nothing I'm trying to prove
No, I am a fuck-up; just the same as you.
Oh, I guess this is where I fall apart
And I guess this is where the teardrops start but I don't care 'cause I just fell in love again.
And I'd had enough - well, far too much
I just fell down, could you please help me up?
"'cause if you help me maybe I could fall in love again. Na na na.

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"Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)" as written by Jarvis Branson Cocker Candida Doyle

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    General CommentJarvis' comments:
    There was this bloke in the late 60s called Bob Lind. One of his most famous songs is Elusive Butterfly, which was one of my favourites when I was younger. Something about the sound of this song made me think of him. It's about someone who is a fuck-up. And sometimes there's something good about admitting that. Most people who are famous and wealthy tend to be more fucked up than everybody else.
    Bob Lind he writes quite, kind of, sweet songs but then they've often got quite negative words. For instance, there's a song of his called Remember the Rain, which is basically saying: "Remember the rain, when you walk in the sunshine." It's saying: "Oh right, you might be having a good time now, but listen, you will be having a shit time soon." - which is a pretty negative thing to write about and yet it's quite a nice, jangly little tune. So that song reminded me of him a bit. So Bob Lind was just a working title, but then as sometimes happens, I couldn't think of a better one, so I just left it. And he did get in touch the other day, and said "I'm gonna sue". No, he didn't - he got in touch, and he seemed to be quite flattered that somebody had remembered him.
    thateuandgelookon October 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt doesn't look as good written down, but when you listen to it, his accent sounds great when he sayd "Just the same as you." Lol. Anyway, I love this song =)♥
    xsvsxon June 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song helped me through a really shit time once, proving once again how amazing j.c. really is
    manic_ashon July 07, 2008   Link

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