Making my rounds in my limo
Catching more bitches than a fish with a minnow
Going on Leno, Letterman, Daily Show
Crossfire invited, but we just said no

Time to rewind, refine or geek out
My notes are so dope, I got a ho in each house
Cooking lobster, trout, always eating out
You Casanova cats know what I'm talking about

Traffic's heavy, I'm in demand
In the back with two sexy lesbians
Let's be partners, let's be friends
Let's get lose on the juice and gin

Damn, I'm the man with the bank account
I could write a rubber check, couldn't make it bounce
I get the green by the tree, I could rake an ounce
But the fee ain't free, start making out

With each other, I love them chains
Get shitfaced, whipped cream and champagne
I'm the president of pussy, I'll start my campaign
I approve this message, start the damn thing

I'm in charge of the party, marvelous
Red carpets ain't large enough for us
I'm gonna buy the bar, charge it on my Master Card
While Dick Clark parks cars for us

It's getting late in the evening
My razor blade is ready to start cleaving, time to start skiing
My nose is on the slopes, I hope it ain't bleeding
I only do a show when the dope is in season

And I believe I'm fly like TWA
Crashing two planes into the World Trade
Oops, I didn't mean it, I can keep it a secret
Like getting laid by Deborah Lafave in the 3rd grade

It's burdening, it must have hurt the world to have heard of me
You gotta learn new words just to follow a verse
And anything less is perjury

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