"Nobody Listens" as written by and Greg/baker Graffin....
Hey mister, don't point at me
You shout rhetoric nonsense like a Pavlovian model
Responding to his questions

Hey teacher, arrogance is bliss
You spend your time turning water into life
As if you were God's foreman

Is it any wonder
Things seem so awry?
The masses are cloaked in confusion?
We don't have to think to survive
So nobody listens

Hey recluse, don't shout at me
You proclaim yourself expert by extensions of the methods
Detailed in your magazines

Hey downer, don't prey on me
We've all got bum raps that torment us day to day
That we hoist on our own shoulders

Is it any wonder
People pass you by?
Your plea for understanding
Is heard as desperate lies?
Nobody listens

I can't help you

Is it any wonder
Things are so inane?
So many quests for compassion
Are just for someone's personal gain

So nobody listens to you

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"Nobody Listens" as written by Greg Graffin Brian Champtaloup Baker

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    My InterpretationI guess this song is much more about how mankind got so self-centered and short minded that we won't listen to each other anymore.

    Because of arrogance, proud and greed, we try to make our beliefs prevail upon each other and thus there's no exchange of knowledge.

    In the other hand, it also could be about the kind of people the world is "tired" to listen. Arrogant teachers, pretentious experts, pessimists preachers...
    raffcamaon December 01, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI guess this is a song about people not listening? And more just accepting whatever they hear? Not to sure about the over all meaning, but the beginning about Pavlov refers to his training of dogs, the psychological experiment involving him training dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell because it suggests that food would follow. I do not know who the mister could be, maybe a priest of some type, due to the "rhetoric nonsense" that preachers often spit.

    I tried :/
    supitsbranon December 07, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    we don't have to think to survive
    So nobody listens

    of all the protentious garbage of alotta thier lyrics

    this actually might be the most true statement Iv ever heard

    pinkfadeon May 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSometimes I think this song is about Facebook .-.

    But what it's REALLY about is people looking to others for understanding and for a shoulder to cry on and for someone to brag to, but nobody listens. We just do our own thing, we don't care, no one listens. Each stanza is just a case of the type of person that nobody listens to.
    stayfluffyon April 19, 2012   Link

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