Sweet suburban sky, gonna miss you if you burn
Curse you, when it's our turn, so come now wash your face
In water's full of grace, 'cause only time will tell,
When you'll be willing to sell, your body for one precious taste, then all is left to waste

Sweet suburban sky........

Doctor feels the pain, that caused the sickening rain,
But you continue to compromise, there won't be no alibis,
When there's no water to wash the burning sun from your eyes,

Sweet suburban sky......

So when you finally taste, all of the waste,
Sign of the time, you won't even call it a crime
The water's coming round again, maybe you'll be gone by then

But they won't thank our generation
For the ignorant inclination, cause when there's nowhere
left to hide, maybe then they'll call it genocide..

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    General Commentthe song is just about how normal people don't respect the world we live in these days.
    he is giving a warning about how polluted the world will be in years to come.
    what he is saying is that there wont be any good water in many years (maybe you'll be dead by then) and that the future generations will look back on us and curse us because we are ruining the world because we "continue to compromise" in our actions.

    Basically, the message is to recycle and shit..
    1deron April 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI'm not religious per se, but I thought I understood the meaning to this song the first time I heard it. I was stoned and depressed a little...it was freakin weird! :P

    God...so peaceful, so capturing, so tranquil) reflective in a sweet suburban sky. I'm going to miss you if You're not here to help me (especially when the evening light burns to become the dark of the night where emotions are the most sensitive

    And curse at You if things don't go our way...so come people, wash your face

    And purify your soul with Holy water 'cause only time will tell

    When you'll be willing to sell ((not if) signifying that God is forgiving) and understands all men and women act upon their temptations at least once.

    Your body (which is your temple...hence the protective casing of your soul, of your life) for one precious taste of all that you shouldn't (like Adam)

    Then everything is lost...or is it?

    God...so peaceful, so capturing, so tranquil)

    Doctors understand the feeling of God and the reality, tranquillity and coldness of death; they understand what we must do to avoid causing harm to ourselves and the environment as they witness the repercussions of our actions on the operating table

    But we continue to compromise, to make excuses, but when doom day comes, you won’t have an alibi to God as all your cards are on the table.

    And at that time, there isn't any holy water to rid your soul of your sins, to educate your eyes to seek purity as the eyes are the windows to the soul.

    God...so peaceful, so capturing, so tranquil) reflective in a sweet suburban sky.

    So when you are finally on your death bed
    Which is closer than ever before in the days that we live, you still won't feel sorry for your actions (you won't call it a crime). But instead, you'll defend/justify them saying that this is life, this is how I wanted to live it, this was how I was meant to live my life.

    And in the second coming, well maybe you'll already be dead by the time that occurs.

    And both the Angels and the youth of tomorrow they won't thank the youth of today for what we have achieved for what really have we achieved...more spirituality?

    But where scared, fearful, ignorant BUT that's no excuse.
    Because when doomsday comes and there's no where left to hide
    The people of God's heaven may call it genocide...the purification of the human race...of God's race...of ‘Us’.


    PS - Smoke a spliff and tell me what you think.
    jodecidal_5on August 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthat really does make sense...never once in eight years of listening to that did i think of that meaning! cool interpretation
    JordyWordyon July 16, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningYeah, clearly it's just about how our beautiful cities are both life giving and, at the same time, life taking. They are the source of pollution and destruction of our world. We need to get the balance right or future generations won't just lose it, they'll curse our generation and call what we did 'genocide'. Tough words. Spiritual undertones to it too - a simple but clever song.

    BTW, much of the beautiful coloured sunsets that we get over our cities are influenced by pollution in the air. I think the song is a play on that too.
    PapaJon July 31, 2012   Link

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