"Playing With Fire" as written by Dwayne Carter, Nicholas Warwar and Jason Desrouleaux....
Pardon me for saying so but you look more pitiful than I have ever imagined.
Despite perfect fashion and your photographs depict you so differently.
I always thought you would be, some sort of match for me.

So lets decide who can survive.
Jumping fear and racing beats and hearts that don't ever slow.
Then I'll write letters on my paper expressing my deep disappointment.
Dripping where I stand (dripping where I stand)
From my watery hands hoping to get passed the open bedroom door.

Where her clothes on the floor.
Remind me of our conversations.
The feeling of slight hesitation to turn off the lights.
Fourteen days now since we started to complicate the situation.
I'm not hiding, I'm just buying some time for us to find the back door.
We will come out when it's safe for us.

When it's safe for us, when it's safe for us
For us, for us, for us
There's nothing left to say.
To express the way that I've behaved.
I still feel him burning like a stain to this carpet torn in every seam.
Thrown away I will not regret! I will not forget!
I will not regret! I will not forget!

Why should I take all the blame for my mistakes?
You were there with every promise made to break.
When did you become the one without regret?
Kill me burn me down I swear I won't forget.
When did you become the one without regret?
Kill me burn me down I swear I won't forget.

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"Playing With Fire" as written by Nicholas Warwar Dwayne Carter

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    General CommentHere's my take on the song. I think it is about a relationship that has gone too far sexually, and the boy has asked the two to take a break to think about things for awhile. It begins with him reflecting on the relationship (looking at pictures, writing about disappointment).

    "Dripping where I stand
    From my watery hands
    Hoping to get past the open bedroom door
    Where her clothes on the floor
    Remind me of our conversation
    The feeling of slight hesitation
    To turn out the light"

    This part makes me think they have had sex with one another. Afterwards, he took a shower, which could be symbolic of trying to wash off the guilt he feels.

    "Fourteen days now (I'm not)
    Since we started (I'm not hiding)
    To complicate the situation (From this situation)
    I’m not hiding (I'm not)
    I’m just buying some time (I'm not hiding)
    For us to find the back door (From this situation)"

    It has been 14 days in the relationship since they began to have sex with one another, and he wants to take a break to find the metaphorical "back door" out of this situation. He doesn't seem to want the relationship to be over, but he knows the sexual impurity is wrong. At the same time, he seems to be defending this decision, when he states that he is not hiding. He wants to face the issue and overcome, but doesn't know if he can.

    "There’s nothing left to say (Don't believe me)
    To excuse the way that I behaved (When I say it's over)
    I still feel him
    Gripping like a stain (By the time you're gone)
    To this fabric (It's almost over)
    Torn at every seam
    Thrown away"

    He can't rationalize the behavior he has engaged in, and he doesn't want to even try. I think the "Him" in this section is Satan.

    "Why should I take all the blame for all my mistakes? (I’m without regret)
    You were there with every promise made to break (I will not forget)
    When did you become the one without regret? (I’m without regret)
    Kill me, burn me down, I swear I won’t forget (I will not forget)
    When did you become the one without regret (Kill me, kill me)
    Kill me, burn me down, I swear I won’t forget (Kill me, kill me)"

    At the end of the song, he seems to be expressing anger towards the girl for not feeling guilty. He doesn't understand how she cannot feel regretful for the choice they both made to engage in premarital sex. In the end, he seems to realize that they cannot be together anymore because they wouldn't be able to overcome this sin, especially if she doesn't feel convicted about it.
    isaiah4031on December 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is AMAZING! I can't wait to get "The Question" on August 2, it cant come soon enough!
    GrOoDmAnon July 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about a person who is forced to decide between two people. He feels she is not choosing him so he is angry but left with questions "why not me? Why him?" She says tells him that he was a mistake and that she regrets being with him, however he doesn't have any regrets. He might have forgave her for all he mistakes but she can't ever forgive him for anything.

    I don't really know. This is what I am getting so far from the song. There might be a religious side too but people on here freak out if the G or J words are ever mentioned in songs that they enjoy.

    dnask8on July 25, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis is my favorite song just because i love to listen to the whole thing to get to the ending of it. i love the ending. haha and it kind of reminds me of myspace because he's like "your photographs depict you so differently" like he's never seen this girl before just her pictures.
    xmyheartxo5on August 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMy first impression was about a person whos girlfriend had cheated on him or while they were on a break or somthing.
    "The feeling of slight hesitation
    To turn out the light" hes hesitating to turn out the light perhaps maybe because she will pretend it is the other person?

    "I still feel him
    Gripping like a stain (By the time you're gone)
    To this fabric"
    The other guy has been here before and he knows that and cant get it out of his head like a stain.

    "When did you become the one without regret?" maybe she doesnt feel guilty anymore about it and he cant let it go...

    I dont know.. just some first impressions
    socalmx17on September 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe song starts off after the relationship is over. He's either composing another one of his letters, a journal maybe, speaking to her in an awkward meeting, or merely thinking about it. The relationship headed south when they realized what they were doing didn't reflect the lack of love they had for each other. After all its easy to get physical with someone and push the fact that the two of you aren't the right person for each other under the rug. Slowly the guilt seeps into both people and the relationship is destroyed. This song is indeed awesome because it expresses emotions in a couple most don't ever feel
    pnewon October 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe guitarist from emery said it's about sexual temptation, and being tempted by satan
    westie720on January 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentit sound like it talks about the pain of being sexually impure
    everglow16on February 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe thing with the picture, from exp. after my x left for some guy...i saw recent pictures of her and she looked pitiful (a "slut") despite she was dressed nicely (pefect fashion)...some sort of match for me? well yeah, love makes us think she's the one. letters on white paper? poems, lyrics, stories, or just a journal....are things we do after a break up

    i agree about the sexual temptation, "hoping to get past the bed room door, with her clothes on the floor...feeling slight hesitation to turn out the light..."

    I love the ending, its like she's moved on, but he's left with all the shame and regret and now he's mad about it and will never forget...."I swear i wont forget"
    ncastroon March 23, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti agree with this being about sexual temptation, this song to me also relates to fractions...my personal favorite song from emery
    St3wi3Griffinon June 13, 2006   Link

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