"Introducing" as written by and Davis/fuller....
Test, check. Well, he's been released again today, and I'm going back where I started.
Looking over old notes, listening to tapes, wondering how bad I potentially messed up this time.
The wounds seem to be healing, and he seems to be getting along
without his appendages, and I know he seems fine,
But seems can be a very dangerous word, especially in this business, it can be fatal.

Initial Diagnosis: Catatonic. And I know he's back there somewhere,
but there's just no response whatsoever, to any kind of stimulus.
We'll start him with medication tomorrow, for sure.

This mans tragedy has made him a prisoner in his own body.
And it's not just tragedy, it's dementia, despair;
it's this hole I can see in each of his eyes,
where all the events that happen in this real world kind of just fall through.
It's loneliness in it's most crippling form, the kind that no amount of love,
or human contact, could ever mend.

The patient was plagued by violent nightmares, terrible, deeply troubling dreams,
which one night overflowed in to reality, and he murdered his wife, in his sleep.
These people were in love, deeply in love.
And it's that love filling those holes that I can now see behind his eyes.
And it's my job to try and fill those holes with something else.
But what? Hope? I can try to fill those holes with drugs, soothing words, but that's all.
I hope his wounds will heal in time, but right now, things aren't looking good.

[Boys Night Out:]
The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist.
The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist.
The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist.
The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist.
The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist.

The lines around my wrists, the infection seems to be getting better.
It's in the center of my torso, behind my eyes and in the back of my head.
Something is eating me alive from the inside out.

Well that's grief of your loss.

Don't tell me what it is.

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    General CommentYou missed the parts at the end

    ??? my wrists, the infection seems the be getting better. it's in the center of my torso, behind my eyes. in the back of my head. something is eating me alive from the inside out.

    Well thats greif. loss.

    Dont tell me what it is.
    mikeycon July 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite intros to a truly perfect album. I love conceptual albums, and i think this is one of my favorites.

    Fragmentedsobriqueton August 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is a concept album. Which means that the entire album tells a story. Each song is a different installment in the story of the nameless patient. Somtimes the perspective is switched from the patient to the doctor to the deceased wife. My interpretation of the story goes as follows.

    Introducing - The doctor is talking about how he has released the patient from the hospital again, indicating it's not the first time he's been released. The patient was hospitalized because he suffered from violent horrible nightmares and killed his wife whom he loved very much in his sleep. The patient is catatonic, which is just a state of non-responsivness, almost.

    Dreaming - This song is about the night that the Patient kills his wife. He suffocates her while having a nightmare.

    Waking - The Patient wakes up to realise what he's done. He calls the police and turns himself in and he is waiting for the ambulance. He can't believe what he's done, he wants to take it back. He covers the house with her perfume.

    Sentencing - The judge and the doctors decide whether to charge him with murder and send him to jail or decalre him mentaly instable and send him to the hospital. The doctor thinks he shoudl be hospitalized.

    Medicating - The Patient is in the hospital and tries to convince the doctor to release him. He wants to go back to his life and he thinks that the hospital is just making him worse. The doctor agrees and releases him from the hospital.

    Purging - The Patient hsa been released and is returning into society. Everyone is shocked at his quick return into society/work considering what he did. The guilt becomes overpowering inside of him and he cuts off his hands so he won't ever kill again.

    Relapsing - The Patient is back in the hospital after cutting off his hands and he begins to hear his wife's voice in his head. He begins trying to fill his emptiness by writing a song inside his head.

    Recovering - The Patient is on medication since he is catatonic and he is also obviously on painkillers due to his lack of hands. He begins taking more pills than necessary and all he can hear is the song inside of his head. He takes more and more pills to keep the song playing.

    Composing - The Patient convinces the doctor he's getting better and requests to see his friends and family because he thinks it'll help him recover. He has everyone over for dinner and poisons them all, killing them. He is "composing" his song by killing people and he thinks that he can see his wife. The song in his head keeps her alive in his mind.

    Disintegrating - The Patient is completely isolated with the song inside his head. He is abusing alcohol and drugs and in a state between the living and dead. He's thinking of everyone he's killed and needs a finale to his song.

    Healing - The Patient has called the doctor and he feels the song in his head coming to an end. By this time he's barely even alive and he has made a choice to get better, that's why he called the doctor. He is waiting for the doctor to arrive and take him to the hospital. The song in his head is what is keeping him alive.

    Dying - The Doctor finally arrives for the Patient and finds him close to death lying in his apartment. He can smell the odour of the bodies that are most likely still in the apartment and he can smell a woman's perfume, the Patient's wife's perfume. The Patient knows he is dying and he knows what he did. He is finally responding and I think he is happy he is dying cause he will be with his wife. He is looking back at everythign that happened and he is just giving up on the song and on living.

    Of course this is all just my interpretation who knows if I'm even close. Hahah oh well let me know what you think.
    wishfulthinking167on December 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commentso this cd is a story. i like it a lot. story cd's are fun to analyze. but ANYways, this cd is very depressing. so first, this guy kills his wife in a dream, but hates to admit it happened. then he is hospitalized, but gets the doctor to let him out. bad idea. he then cuts off his hands, which sends him back to the hospital and takes shit loads of meds, but OD's on like all of them. so he then creates a song in his head to keep his wife alive, and everyone he sings the song to is dead. he also trys to keep his sanity by repeating "the lines i wear around my wrist are there to prove that i exist", as he chants it almost religiously in "dying" about twenty or more times. even though he has so many different drugs, alcohol, and other disturbing substances ("we're having strychnine and sirloin port wine and paint thinner") in his system, he still can not get over the fact that his wife is dead and by the end i think that he finally realizes that she isn't coming back, and eventually he dies from insanity and severe depression. how heartwarming.
    klawansie8on March 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIntroducing and Dying are the only two reasons why I don't listen to this song when I'm going to sleep. But I won' even lie, the story line/plot behind this album is that of a master song writer.
    fightoff__yrdemonson June 16, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionI'm hearing "the lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist..." in that refrain he sings near the end...

    I think the character, after being admitted to a mental institute, is in dialogue with his therapist, protesting his confinement. Donno what the lines he wears around his wrists are, though...?

    Cool album.
    AnnaMollyon March 10, 2009   Link

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