i try to see
i guess that i'm blind
it's fine
with me
cause i'm
going to
keep trying
and i've made disapointment
my very best friend
i wait and see
who your going to be
and when

we don't want you be yourself
you see
we want you to free yourself
it does no good to pretend
that you are free
ican not see you
i love you but
it drags me down

i never felt like
i feel when i'm frying
i don't care where
i'm living
or i'm dieing

we just want you to free yourself
you see
we want you to free yourself
it does no good to pretend that you are me
why don't you be you
i love you but
you drag me down

cause i know it so well
how i never could tell
who's my very best friend?
how i know you so well
i could make you be me.

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Straight Up and Down song meanings
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    General CommentWhy has no one commented on this! Instant classic, I'm loving BJM just now... Anyone know what its about? I guess its just about him being content struggling on with his music when the rest of the world seems intent on making him change his ways.. But does anyone know what "I love you but you drag me down" means?
    ciaranokon March 28, 2011   Link
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    General Commentphenomenal song and a great album.

    This song is about teaching someone to not give a fuck so that they can become everything they should be as a person. And to then be able to reach the potential the songwriter (Anton) sees in them.
    joekool7787on July 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is like most from Take it from man! About relationship between songwriter and his "significant other". Just like title says it's about process of his life take him straigth up and down over and over again.

    In verse he says how he feels about that person how he sees her and how he wants to see her. "i love you but it drags me down" He wants to move on He knows how much is this relation hurting him, but he cant change way he feels.

    This is actually more optimistic version of song. In this case he says:
    "it's fine
    with me
    cause i'm
    going to
    keep trying"
    in another version of this song he says instead it:
    "it's fine
    with me
    cause i'm
    sick and tired
    of trying"
    Gavieron December 02, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionI have bipolar disorder, and this song makes so much sense to me.
    nonaon September 24, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThis song contains some of the most ethereal chord changes and vulnerable vocals ever caught on record. Anton Newcombe and his gang listened to Gregg Allman sing "Midnight Rider," and Steve Winwood sing "Can't Find My Way Home," over and over again and in an attempt to replicate the sound, took it to a new level.

    The whole whole song is rather penetrating, but when the chord changes and he says, "'Cause I've made my disappointment my very best friend," goosebumps rise and I nod my head because I believe him, and I know what he's talking about.
    For any lyricist to say "I never felt like I feel when I'm frying," is both an understatement and totally redundant. To "fry," is to take acid and lose your mind for a while and hopefully, in the process, gain some insight. I never felt the way I feel when I listen to "Straight Up and Down," by the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

    I am so thrilled - almost twenty years later - that someone cared so much about sonic bliss to create music that sounds like this. If only I could be so honest in my life and art.
    PatMCon July 22, 2014   Link
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    General CommentBoardwalk empire!
    Pauperon September 23, 2015   Link
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    General CommentLol @ "ethereal chords"

    Decent song, but there's nothing ethereal about D major, G major, and C major. In fact, three out of every every four rock songs you've ever heard are rooted in one of those chords and if you feel like you've heard Straight Up before, it's because you probably have. Anton Newcombe is a total hack-job that tried to make a career out of boosting every Stones, Dylan, Allman (et cetera.) song that he could from the 60's/70's and putting his own lyrics over it. He should have been a rapper. Ironic that this song is about freeing yourself and realizing your potential. If the mentally ill junkie had taken his own advice way back, it wouldn't have taken two decades for the general public to hear his band for the first time.
    eazel11280on October 29, 2015   Link

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