Clutching my heart I can’t feel any more
Laughing to death as I fall to the floor
Irony cruel, calling my name
Suffer this consequence
The shame that you’ve given me
I still breathe

Your love is sickness I savour like wine
Drilling down hard like a blade in my spine
Damaged nerve endings are feeding me
Thought patterns processed, I still can’t ignore your hate
Precious pain

Broken and bitter on the faces you tread
Left in your wake are the trails of the dead
Shape shifting sands move and twist undertoe
No depth perception has made you shallow

I’m freezing for you
Burn alive
Won’t stop now and still I try
I’m alive
Bleed if I want to
Still you lie
Won’t stop now and still I try
I’m alive

Frost bitten finger tips scratching my name
You’ve left me here to suffer the blame
Callously is your punishment
Lies to deceive is this my consequence

Damage me, damage me hate me to death
Cripple me cripple me there’s nothing left
Parasite poisonous left under skin
Slow self addiction no prize you will win


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    General CommentI love the butterfly effect. Some good old fashiond shouting coming out of australia is good to see(or hear). I think its about ....................i don't know what its about, but its a fucking good song anyhow:-D
    METAL=AWSOMEon December 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHow good is the riff to finish this song off?? As my good man E. Ox would say 'Turn That Sucker Up Loud!'
    smontagon April 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentConsequence existed for a short time as a completely different song before we
    realised it bit the big one and decided to start again. (the original was played
    live once at the Rocket Festival, River Stage in Brisbane) The only parts we kept
    from the original version were the chorus and the middle section. The middle
    section became the new verse for the album version of the song which has stayed
    nearly exactly the same except, initially, the middle section had only the vocals
    you hear at the start of the album version (whispery, floating stuff).

    After numerous attempts at skipping the heavy section at the end of the
    third verse and going straight into the chorus, we took some advice from producer
    extraordinaire Dave Leonard, left a 9 count, caught the word Consequence with some
    nice studio delay and left it at that. From there Kurt wrote the middle section
    out of the 2nd chorus but we still needed and end, which, whilst doing sound check
    at Yamba Bowls club Kurt stumbled across a more refined version of the heavy verse.
    (If you listen closely you will hear a strange sound running throughout the middle
    of this end heavy section which is a vocal delay taken from the final build into the end out of the middle).
    Azazel23on July 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.. probably my favourite.. can't wait to see them live in July!! xD
    followtheleaderon May 06, 2009   Link

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