darker then the east river, larger then the empire state
where the beast to guard the barbed wire gate
is on the job, not my fate...tired of the wait
till the villain bring deliverance from the dire straits
fire at a higher rate, why debate the liars
flyers scatter, buy a plate, isolate the wires
try the str8 pliars if not the vice grips
a real pricesaver way to acquire nice whips
what a steal for real on wheels of steel
stunna a funna summer number one meal deal bumma
a bizarre phenomenon is ya armor on
take ya cash calma, or break ya fast ramadan
tronzac song drama aww comon barnie
clack clack pardon me wack rap con carne
he came to feed the childrens like sally struthers
after that hes goin back to cali wheres the love is
wiler then the nile, hold power like the great pyramids of giza
an stay leanin like the tower of pisa
give em somethin he could feel not soft or squeeza
raw with the pen an on the mic off the heeza
get shot off that wide eyed talk
an if he had a pot hed still piss on the sidewalk
cant take the street out the street person
lookin for the perfect beat cohersin him to heat bursin
they couldnt spot him on a spot date
got the only tape that come wit a free hot plate
whoever do get the see me sing, with the 3d ring
sittin stationary like b.b. king
could see how it really sting, it aint no front row
standing room only at the moto cross stunt show
the roughest aint up to snuffulufugus
me an sub is like the brown smothers brothas
vaster then the seven seas, bigger then mount kilaminjaro
if they dont know, fill em in tomorrow
on the horror show a mental note, return bobs record
swear to god before he gets a job he robs eckerd
blessed wit a hot flow, tested it got doe
invested in stress the best to finesse a opto
as i reminisice never forgot when i was very broke
shot the henny str8 couldnt afford to cop a cherry coke
or should i say broke wit wealth
to know enough to give em just enough rope to yoke theyself
plan b before i take the ring an pawn it
the long arm of the law couldnt even put they fingers on it
dog gone it, do the statistics
how he bust lyrics, thats too futuristic for ballistics
an far too eccentric for forensics
I dedicate this mix to Subroc, the hip hop Hendrix

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    General CommentHe's talking about his love for hiphop and how he toughed it out and enjoys a slight level of success, but its all about the skillz.
    remyarcheron September 17, 2005   Link
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    General Commentehm, no.. he is talking about his late brother subroc, who died in a car accident in (I believe it was) 92. Which is pretty obvious, "I dedicate this mix to Subroc the hip hop Hendrix"
    sungomurderthesnowon February 06, 2008   Link

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