Standing on the corner
Plastic cup in her hand
Standing on the corner
Saving for some gin
You don’t need to ask where she’s been or what’s up
She’ll gladly tell you about the life she had
Before she had the cup
Standing by the window
Glass of milk in his hand
What could I have done what could I have said
Broken glass spilled milk lying on the floor looking dead
Window pain
Cutting through the rain looks so easy
Frame by frame
Looking for a name to claim on a breezy afternoon
And the ends coming soon
And the ends coming soon
So many people hold a cup
So many die drinking milk in front of a window
I once knew a woman who got in the way
Of the intentions of a windy day
Don’t hold a cup in any season
Don’t’ make me choose between rhyme or reason
Don’t drink that milk in front of that window
You might as well blame it on the will that the wind chose

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    General Commentwhoa, i cant belive that noone has commented on this song. well, it took me a bit of resaerch but i do know what this song i about. it needs to be broken down into three different sections. and they are scrambled within the song, so this may be quited difficult to understand/ explain. you first must understand that this is an extreamly spontainious song, and it accualy becomes quite depressing after you know its true meaning.

    the first part is about a woman who is an alchoholic and ends up basicly drowning herself in alchohol

    the second part is about a kid who was watching his older brother drinking a glass of milk by and open window, and then his brother is accedentaly shot in a drive by shooting, so his little brother thought that you should never drink a glass of milk while you stand in front of an open window or you would die.
    * that is a true story

    the third section is about this huge windstorm in chicago, and this piece of glass from a window got caut in the wind and just floated along in the wind like an and airplane, all across the city, and this woman was walking, and the glass hit her, and umm, well... lets just say that she died and leave it at that shall we?
    *once again, a true story

    so basicaly the song is about death, and the many unpredictable ways that it can happen to all of us without warning.
    cyanidebreathminton August 24, 2005   Link
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    General Commentamazing explanation. thank you cyanidebreathmint
    Ambulance Xon September 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell stated cyanidebreathmint.
    lazyteen69on October 24, 2011   Link

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