Once a friendly stranger said to me,
Hippies call it STP
You're a friendly stranger, I can see,
Take a whiff on me
Have a revelation, the first one's free
Soon you'll be addicted to eternity
We'll be pushers, cosmic style
It's too late to stop now,
You're a Nova Cop now
Hippies call it STP

Look at all them hippies do their thing,
Hippies call it STP
Trying to be the next week ripoff king,
Take a whiff on me
Seems he was a flower child just last week
Now he's got the clap and he's a needle freak
Good thing love's all you need
Brand new generation,
Brand new explanation
Hippies call it STP

Meanwhile in a headshop in Provincetown,
Hippies call it STP
A gentle, soulful cat's putting soldiers down,
Take a whiff on me
Soldiers getting salty, but the cat don't mind
Getting soldiers salty helps the cat unwind
He's a narc on a lark
Busy as a beaver
Just a gay deceiver
Hippies call it STP

(refrain, both parts done simultaneously)
Going to the country where everything's free
Going to the country, and you can't catch me
I can't stand that bad city
All I do there is shoot junk
Gong around, gong around
Keep on kicking that gong arond
Tears me up, brings me down
But I gotta keep kicking that gong around

Be my flower child, little girl, Hippies call it STP
Lemme be your guru for awhile,
Take a whiff on me
'Splain dat to me Kingfish, it ain't too clear
King it to me, 'splainfish, said the engineer
Now you know why I veer
Yummy yummy yummy
Sucking off a mummy
Hippies call it STP

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August 1967 (Hippies Call It STP) song meanings
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