it's cold outside
just like fate
it's cold right here
where is your heart

someone get me out of here

take my hand
trust this smile
it's just one smile
i'm getting caught in softer parts of you
it's killing me too
it's killing me too

it's cold outside
just like steel
it's cold right here
just like blades

someone get me out of here

take my eyes
and cauterize my heart
because it's killing nothing
it's killing nothing
i’m getting caught in the same soft parts
of you

watered down and feel the cool
winter creep up your spine
these are mine, these are mine, and these are mine
this mouth bleeds

trust this, this one smile
i walked the halls one thousand years
one thousand too long
isn't nothing the same
all of us in watered down
dumbfounded mercury
i'll trust this tourniquet again
i'll trust this tourniquet uh huh

i walk the halls of a sleeping dogma
nothing amounts to anything (you said useless)
none of this amounts to anything (i’m useless)
and i'll send you a thousand apologies
hugs and kisses
xo, xo
i'll send you a thousand apologies
hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses
xo , i mean a million apologies
hugs and kisses, ray
hugs and fucking kisses
xo, xo
hugs and kisses rachel
fucking hugs and kisses
my apologies

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Eyes Baptized in Mercury song meanings
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    General CommentI thought that "this mouth bleeds" was "this mouth pleads".
    I don't know.
    Either way, this song is ultimately my favorite from them.
    Right before "watered down and feel the cool", when the piano starts playing, is in my opinion, the best part of the song.
    Up until it ends at the "i'll trust this tourniquet again" part.
    I'm a huge fan of pianos, and I think that this just makes the song excellent.
    Crotch.on August 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYeah man, I'll agree with you there, this is the best Trophy Scars song imo.

    The end of this song resembles a letter to Rachel. The song that follows this on the album, Baby Eskimo Kisses, is a ballad about a girl called Rachel and how he loves her, whilst singing about a breakup. So I assume this song is based on the actual breakup itself, with 'Someone get me out of here alive' showing how he wants to escape the relationship, and how she has 'taken' his eyes and 'cauterized his heart'.

    Theres a bunch of metaphors like that going on in this song
    coup__d_etaton August 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it's "this mouth pleads" as well. It makes a lot more sense. I agree with coup, I think the song is about the actual break-up itself.

    It's basically just a song about how he is going to miss her. I think the "I walked the halls one thousand years" references to how long he has been searching for love. He thought he was in love, but he realizes it was just an illusion. He still cares for her, but he knows he will just find someone else to replace his false ideas of love. "i'll trust this tourniquet again"
    brainfuckon June 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentrachel is jerry's exgirfriend, which is why most of the songs on that cd are about her.
    jazzyboopson April 08, 2008   Link

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