The dirty ceiling needs a cleaning
floors been beat.
I stand for hours before the show, band pictures on the wall
Load the gear in, feeling like I know I'm not far from home
but this place feels really different from St. Paul
It ain't all sting, my friends are around me
my cell phone headphones, band and microphone
I haven't eaten' nothing but a continental breakfast
thank Motel 6 for throwing a dog a bone
One can hardly feel alone with all these pictures
press shots, you know the ones that you are supposed to sign
tonight the stage is ours, we don't have that picture
that picture ain't us, I'll make the memory shine.
hey Mr. DJ
would you flip it like the loser at a bullfight
spin it like tequila just a little bite
twist it like a doorknob, let's start the night
the extended family is the crowd and they're here
You're here skeptical at first, I'm glad you cheer
I don't get stage fright but Twinkie gets nervous
dVRG dons the glasses and towel commence service

Chorus (Muad'Dib)
Stand up, stretch, hit the roof
bounce off the walls and shake the rafters loose, that's the truth
I want to see somebody jumpin', ain't no way ya'll are getting something for
Visualize and Execute, that's it, keep moving
we told you its not worse than pulling a tooth
I wanna see everybody jumping, we can't let y'all get something for

Hey, on stage I pace like a tiger,
yes Felix is a cat, I've got cats at home
I know exactly how they feel looking out the window
My windows on the stage just your side of the microphone
I'm looking at you, feel the eyes burning
intensity is building unconcerned with any person
it's just the mass that counts
make 'em bounce till the sweat oozes out
don't leave 'em one ounce
Stalk your crew like animals mindset
take a little breath, share a few of those words with you and yours
let me pace my space maybe you'll see 'em feed me
I promise you before the end you'll see me roar.

Chorus (Muad'Dib)

Day to day drama weighs down my shoulders
I'm just too generous with limits
a sucker born every minute they say
maybe I'm a sucker but at least I know my limits
push the gimmicks to the left, integrity to the right
look through the middle at the floor, feel the stomach roar.
this is still about the vibe in this place
I step to show them,
I'm realer than Chris Rock's hair in CB4
I see the door, but leaving means defeat
if I take a seat the local sharks will think that I'm weak
I've done this before. Shit, you've done this before
so you know that's all to do, hold it down like a bungee chord.
On stage there's an education to be had
the front row wants to teach you they want it that bad
the middle wants to nod their heads and give approval
the soundman teaches mic technique and wants your removal
Now there's work and there's play
there's worse and OK
on a perfect day I can do both
some days my teachers put me at the front of the class
other days I do all my work but they're still at my throat
this is the kind of night when they raise the lights
the drinking don't stop it just moves outside
BYOB-bring your own bullshit
I'll stay indoors I learned a lot
thanks for the ride.

Chorus (Muad'Dib)

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