Nocturnal poetry:
Dressed in the whitest silver you'd smile at me
Every night I wait for my sweet Selene

But still...

Solitude's upon my skin
A Life that's bound by the chains of reality
Would you let me be your Endymion?

I would
Bathe in your moonlight and slumber in peace
Enchanted by your kiss in forever sleep

But until we unite
I live for that night
Wait for time
Two souls entwine

In the break of new dawn
My hope is forlorn
Shadows they will fade
But I'm always in the shade
Without you...

Serene and silent sky
Rays of moon are dancing with the tide
A perfect sight, a world devine

And I...

The loneliest child alive
Always waiting, searching for my rhyme
I'm still alone in the dead of night

Silent I lie with a smile on my face
Appearance deceives and the silence betrays

As I wait for the time
My dream comes alive
Always out of sight
But never out of mind

And under waning moon
Still I long for you
Alone against the light
Solitude am I

In the end I'm enslaved by my dream
In the end there's no soul who'd bleed for me

Hidden from daylight I'm sealed in my cave
Trapped in a dream that is slowly turning to nightmare,
Where I'm all alone
Venial is life when you're but a dream,
The book is still open the pages as empty as me


I cling to a hope that's beginning to fade
Trying to break the desolation I hate

But until we unite
I live for that night
Wait for time
Two souls entwine

In the break of new dawn
My hope is forlorn
We will never meet
Only Misery and me

This is my final call
My evenfall
Drowning into time
I become the night

By the light of new day
I'll fade away
Reality cuts deep
Would you bleed with me
My Selene?

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    General CommentSelene was the greek goddess of the Moon...
    "According to the myth, Selene gazed upon Endymion and fell madly in love with him. She was inmortal, but he was not... so the goddess of the Moon cast a spell on her lover, making him sleep forever. In this state of eternal slumber, Endymion kept both his youth and his good looks."
    Misery_chickon June 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's about someone (presumably a guy, since Selene is a female) who dreams about a girl every moment awake, longing for a chance to get to love this person - and most likely thinking this desired romance is the meaning of his life. Realizing the dream doesn't seem to be coming true, he feels lonely. The reason as to why the love cannot happen isn't clear; it could be outer circumstances - or he just does not posses the courage to actually approach the girl with his feelings. The second line implies that she actually does like him back ("Dressed in the whitest silver you'd smile at me"), but for one reason or another he can only dream about her.
    KekeFoxon January 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDefinitly agree with you, love that can't happen (which is the story of Selene as Misery Chick pointed out.) Love this song, one of my favorite songs ever. The instramentals are great too, specially the chugging guitars, fit so well.
    dirstreetlightplugon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentnice song,though .of course it uses the myth metaphorically.but anyone interested in the myth of the goddess Selene (I never heard it before and I'm Greek :/ ... ) , check….
    vampiratornhearton August 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsorrowburn, stop being a troll. thanks misery chick for that explination, helps to give some background to the song. :)
    kflorenceon April 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is beautiful, and is about a long distance relationship, but that's already been covered. Sonata Arctica is amazing.
    Mizerableon August 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn an odd way this is, to me, a sort of cousin song to Nightwish's Ever Dream. Lyrically they feel close to me, but i also see this as something other than long distance relationships.
    Kiltman77on September 30, 2008   Link
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    General Commentomg this song its me!
    Slasher Hawkon October 14, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about a man longing for a lover. The song talks about a hypothetical lover (Selene). The singer sings to the Moon as if it were this hypothetical lover, Selene (in accordance with Mythology). His hope for someone to love eventually fades away until the climax, where he tries one last time to look for a lover, but he eventually dies of a broken heart.
    scy1192on February 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIn the beginning of the song the lyrics speak about him seeing a woman dressed in silver as she smiles. He then says every night I wait for my sweet Selene which is symbolism for a lover, girlfriend, etc.. Selene represents this lady dressed in silver as well. Selene is also an allusion based on Greek mythology which is used throughout the song. He then snaps back to reality and remembers how alone he is. And asks would you let me be your Endymion. Which is symbolic for lover, boyfriend, etc.. its also brings up endymion who was in Greek mythology with Selene. (The story with Selene and Endymion was, Selene was goddess of the moon who gazed upon Endymion who happened to be a farmer. she then fell in love with him which was significant because he was a mortal and she was a goddess.)
    The author states if he could just physically kiss her he would live happily and the only reason he lives is to meet this girl tonight. However the next morning he starts giving up hope and is melancholy without her.
    The next night is a beautiful night the sky is very peaceful, the moon is as big as ever as the rays of the moon reflect of the ocean, its just a beautiful, perfect sight. However he is still all alone, more depressed then ever and just waiting for his love. When closely looked at as a reader I notice that he waits for his love only by night which I believe this love that he is waiting for is all just a dream that he as been obsessing over. Which shows in the next stanza when he states as I wait for the time my dream comes alive. This shows that the girl he has been talking about is all just a dream that He can never see but yet he’s always thinking about her. “Always out of sight but never out of mind” he still waits for her all night and still he is solitude.
    He soon starts to get so obsessed by this dream lady that he is enslaved by it and says, he stays in the darkness of his room all day trapped in this dream which is starting to turn to nightmare of being all alone. He then says His life is pointless without her because she’s just a dream and nothing more. But still he clings on to hope he’s starting to fade but hope still lingers as he try’s to “break his desolation” so he waits for her ounce again waits for them to meet and love her however that night she still never comes in his dreams as he starts to lose hope he tells himself we will never meet its only misery and me.
    The next night he tells him self this is the last time he was going to wait for her this was his final call. He waits for her all night but still finally nothing from her. time passes as the night starts to waste and as the light of the new day starts to arise he starts to “fade away” which is symbolic for die. he then says “reality cuts deep” which means when he starts to hit reality he cuts himself . And asks Selene “would you bleed with me” as he finally ends his misery by killing himself.
    shredangel777on February 05, 2009   Link

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