"You Can Never Go Home" as written by and J Hayward....
Open the door and adjust my eyes
The concrete streets are as gray as the skies
The wind stings my face and this world just melts away

And it brings me back to another place bur memories are such a waste
You can never go home, you left that world behind

Is this the only place
The only place to go
Are these tired words, the only that we know
The old familiar taste, of the bottle in my hand
Or is this the only place, I can understand

Your whiskey tainted wisdom spills like vomit from your mouth
The world is closing in and I just gotta get out

Of my head and of this town
Familiar places are bringing me down,
The truth can be hard to swallow
When its spit right in your face.

I just gotta get out

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"You Can Never Go Home" as written by J Hayward

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You Can Never Go Home song meanings
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    General Commentwow im the only person to comment on this song? this is probably the best song by the unseen to me. it really deprssed me though. the first time i heard it i loved it. it just made me remember all these old times when i was a kid and i was so happy and everything was great. i remember running through the backyards of my street with all of my friends before everyone put fences up. i remember kicking bottles around on the street with my friends. i remember singing aloud just for the hell of it in the middle of the grocery store and watching people smile and giggle instead of hiss and get all sore at me. i remember so many great times and just wish i could have re-lived me youth. it made me so sad and happy at the same time. i really hope that the unseen feel good and have great lives. they made this great song and made me feel good so i hope they feel good themselves.
    wheredotheducksgo?on January 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs by the Unseen. I think it's about growing up and just wanting to leave. I don't know it seems this song can have other meanings to it.
    GDwarning94on June 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMAN I LOVE THIS SONG LIKE A MUTHAFUKKA...woah that didnt make sense. But still, this song kicks the butt of everyone elses dumb songs. I can't believe it doesnt have more comments. This song was always really kinda fun and happy, in a rebelious sense, to me, but then I read the real lyrics and was like well thats depressing. The song still rocks tho cause it just has such a great beat to it. LOVE IT!
    NataliesADDICTIONon December 14, 2006   Link

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