"Last Train to Satansville" as written by Jeremy Hindmarsh, James Hartridge and Adam Franklin....
You look like you've been losin' sleep
Said a stranger on a train
I fixed him with an ice cold stare and said
I've been havin' those dreams again
In one dream there's this girl I love
And we dance every wakin' breath
And in the other they've thrown me in a cell
And they're tryin' me for her death
I'm only young and young in love
As I hold that girl today
But I'm old and tired and in the cell
And I've nigh on withered away

Y'see my baby' gone away too long
And I'm chokin' back the tears
Disheveled star in a burnt out bar
And I'm talkin' in my drink
She promised me the world and more
How could she do this to me?
And now mine's tumblin' down around
But at least my eyes can see
And those stars in the sky are for me

So as this fagged-out tinsel town
Waves so-long to the sun
I lay here calmly on my bed
And the trigger of my gun
And should that no good woman show up
Dancin' from a dream
I'll squeeze it twice and not think twice
And relish every scream

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    General CommentWow! Talk about delusional love!

    Fringging awesome song! :-)
    mobileinfantryon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree. You could make a feature length movie out of this song.
    realitycrashon January 02, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti first heard this song on the road rash pc game. i never thought it was downloadable . its so true and cool
    LBDamnedon November 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSwervedriver - probably one of the most unserrated bands of the nineties... they even signed to Geffen, though nothing came of it. In a way though, I'm kinda pleased they stayed out of the mainstream. They reformed early this year, get to see them if you can.

    I think this song reflects the head fucks that some relationships can be, teh beginning, with the two different dreams, how it can all be so sweet and consuming, you leave yourself so open.
    One minute its sweet and the next you're beside yourself, almost delusional (thanks mobileinfantry)... the simplest things can turn your world upside down, it feels like its falling apart (waves goodbye to the sun).
    the relationship has turned sour, bitter, then even to anger, but you still feel love, otherwise you wouldnt be so angry?

    He wouldnt think twice about pulling the trigger, is possibly the only way he feels to end it???

    who knows? shit hot band though....
    Ben_the_two_of_uson October 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of the best opening few lines from any song:)
    sstteevviieeon July 29, 2011   Link

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