"The Worm" as written by Chris Cornell, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford and Tom Morello....
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    General CommentI think most of this song is meant to be sarcastic. The first verse may be about him coming of age, but the rest of the song is making fun of people who suddenly find religion and decide that everything they had previously done wrong is completely rectified. And now they are these totally different people. Mainly just to outward appearances though. Internally they really haven't change and never will.

    In response to an earlier post...
    Mogs wrote:
    Ok song any one else think the chorus Halo--I’m complete
    Halo--with me underneath
    Halo--I’m reborn
    I can do no wrong - is pretty week lyrics for cornell i'm complete with me underneath... ukkk

    I beleieve Cornell wanted this to be simple and sarcastic. Making it seem like it is so simple for someone to decide one day that they are now religous and all wrongs have been righted and now you can do no wrong.
    lookcloseron January 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentso what i'm saying is i look at it as sarcastic.
    ghostabc123on March 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. One of the few good rock songs on this CD.

    Very disappointed at Audioslave for this CD. Now we have to wait another 3 years for a new CD. Hopefully it'll be heavier.
    nick041on May 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI'm also very disappointed. It's still a good album but no where near as good as their first one. The Worm was supposed to be that 'heavy' track but it still isn't. Still a few good tracks on this album though.
    elite89on May 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI bought this cd for 18 bucks and my god was i impressed by the sexyful music they make and tommy sure can jam on his guitar.....well i dont have a clue what the hell this song means...im gonna leave it up to you guys cause im so lazy...havn't heard there other cd but im gonna buy it soon
    Big-Mikeyon May 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIn this song, Chris is saying that he regrets a lot of his past, but now hes gonna try and patch things up and mend broken walls.

    In the song hes saying "You'll stay the same", which I think is saying that although Chris is trying to fix old problems, this other person isnt, and so its making things harder for Chris, although i might be reading too far into things there... I dunno
    ed_vedder100on May 31, 2005   Link
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    Big-Mikeyon June 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentChris Cornell led a pretty bad life in his early days. Music was his way to escape and if you look at his songs with Soundgarden the lyrics can be pretty depressing. So this song is kind of about him growing up and appreciating life.

    Ed Vedder100 got it right i think w/ the "You'll stay the same." His old self will be the same, his negative and depressed self. However, in his new life w/ marriage and kids, he is like a worm that has added on rungs to his body. It's really a fantastic metaphor when you think about it. In life you grow up and gather information one ring at a time.

    Growing up,enjoying life, and overall happiness is a motif on this album.
    jbRAGEGARDENon June 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOk song any one else think the chorus Halo--I’m complete
    Halo--with me underneath
    Halo--I’m reborn
    I can do no wrong - is pretty week lyrics for cornell i'm complete with me underneath... ukkk
    Mogson June 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWas a time early in life
    When I hated everything
    Born too young, top of my lungs

    Born to young, I wondered if one of the band members had a preemie baby they worried over, and also thought about the growth from child to adult, and losing innocence traumatically.. Born to young, when you realize
    Sitting on the bottom rung

    That line made me wonder if Chris reads Ken Wilber, I thought about the spiral of conciousness development that Wilber talks about and the ladder allusion that Wilber uses to illustrate what can go wrong if a rung is damaged at a key developmental level.

    Took advice from the wrong shoulder
    That one's obvious,

    Took a lot of everything
    About being more likely to yield than to fight back, you end up taking a lot of BS sometimes..

    I’ve decided to make it alright with my

    About taking a new path to make it alright
    xinniefulon July 23, 2005   Link

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