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True, I wasn't there for you
Sorry that I hurt you deeply
Too young to know what to do
Sixteen and I had no worries
When I saw that picture of you
I had to find a daughter I never knew

My absence grows
I reap what I've sewn
These mistakes on my own
Little child, you're not alone

Locked behind those bars you bloom
Wish there was a way I could help you
Too young to know what to do
Lessons learned and points you've proven
This love is complicated and bruised
Realize what makes me, makes you


Time to take it slow
All this anger, let it go
My child I love to hold
All this anger...

I know I'm not a lot
I was never a saint
Got to take what you got
Cause I'm nothing you ain't
If I gave you the world
Would you throw it away?
Better keep your chin up
Living life for today
You can abuse it
You can misuse it
You can go right back down that line
You can't escape it
Never erase it
Now you know

I'll be here
Your future's fading
Understand what I'm explaining
I went in anticipating
I'll be here
Your future's fading


Time to take it slow
This anger, let it go
My child I love to hold
All this anger, let it go

Little one can't you see
I want to let you know
Don't you be like me

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    General CommentI really have no idea what this means... cool song though =) Love the intro.
    Crujebsulon November 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI get this weird impression that the song's about teen pregnancy or something. Like, the last line of the first stanza-thingy, the future things being messed up... Yeah.
    But that's just my screwed up mind. ^^;
    Morologuson January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOkay, are y'all stupid or somethin'? This song seems pretty straightforward in its meaning to me. It's about a sixteen year old boy who was just living his life for the moment without any worries. When he was older, he found out that he had a daughter he never knew about and this song is basically him talking to his child. He's just sort of explaining to her that he was so stupid and irresponsible back then and he made mistakes like this one. He wasn't there for his little girl. He loves her, but he knows she's angry and upset with him. It's just a father trying to soften his daughter and help her to understand, trying to get close to her.
    Aulakausson January 30, 2007   Link

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