"Meadowlake Street" as written by and John P. Bowersock Ryan Adams....
There's something about you
That reminds me of all those times
When I wasn't sorry, when I wasn't blue
The cherry moon it shone down on us
Under the stars shining down every one for you
If I could count them all
I would circle the moon
And count 'em back to nothing
Till I got to you

Something in you dies, when it's over
Everybody cries sometimes
If loving you's a dream
That's not worth having
Then why do I dream of you?

I used to be the house that you lived in
Down on Meadowlake Street
When you moved they cut down the maple tree
I carved your name into
The tree became a boat, I christened it your name
And when the water turned to salt
From your tears it hit the bottom of the ocean
Where I go when I hear your name
And I sink like a stone

Something in you dies, when it's over
Everybody cries sometimes
If loving you's a dream
That's not worth having
Then why do I dream of you?
Why do I dream of you
I feel like a dream that's not having
Like a nervous joke ain't nobody laughing
Like somebody with nothing 'cause they don't know
What they're wanting
Tiny like the sand in the cracks of drift wood
Washed up on the shore of an ocean of you
Boats out on the horizon
Made of the maple tree where we used to lie down
On Meadowlake Street counting the stars you and I
You and I
Something in you dies when it's over
Everybody cries sometimes
If loving you's a dream that's not worth having
Then why do I dream of you
Why do I dream of you

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"Meadowlake Street" as written by Catherine Anne Popper Bradley Smith Pemberton


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    General CommentIt may be worth noting that in 'Death of a Salesman' (and referenced in the film American Beauty), the tree in front of the house represents happiness, and cutting it down marks the end of happiness, security. In both of those instances, however, the tree is a Sycamore; here it's a Maple.
    goodreverendon June 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHe is passionatley in love with someone who lived on Meadowlake Street. she moved theycut down this maple tree and he made a boat out of it and christened it her name. And now everytime he goes to "their" spot his heart sinks to think of her. And he still dreams of her and wants to know why if it wasnt meant to be why, cant he let it go?
    looking_for_meaningon January 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentit's amazing how ryan adams can incorporate imagery into his lyrics that's mostly used in very cliché ways by other artists - things like the moon, the stars, blabla.. - and actually, by means of a couple of subtle lingual twists, make it all feel really deep and urgent and moving (what adds to this fact too is of course his usual wonderful singing - even though i prefer his voice as heard on faithless street, rock n roll and love is hell). anyway, this greatness is perhaps only matched by the song's masterful musical buildup and the wondrous timbres it fills my ears with hehe. as for the meaning, it seems simple: pondering on and longing back for a past love - either suddenly struck by the memory, or never really having been able to let go of it. probably a mix of both. ;)
    angelsflyon June 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is beautifuulll.
    You can tell he really really loves this girl,
    and lots reminds him of her.
    speaksofton January 23, 2009   Link

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