When I lower myself into my bed's embrace
Close my eyes and sink into the night
Feel the cold stare of full moon's face
The warmth and comfort of the darkness
I lay under the sharp star-light

Falling slowly into my dark inner sphere
But is it inner, or a world of it's own?
I wonder, do I dream? Am I really there?
Or just in a slumber, in my own bed
Nevertheless, I'm falling deep down

I open my eyes on a cold bed of snow
The moon floats high over a spruce wood
Snow glows like silver, harsh winds blow
The cold makes the woods crack
I'm alone, shivering, immersed in solitude

Then, suddenly, a wind carries a chant
From somewhere in the midst of the firs
As if I knew to words! I try, but I can't
So I plod through a desolate field of snow
It stings my feet like cold, sharp spurs

On and on, I trudge through the forest
The branches scratch my face, my skin
But I go on, I'm agitated, almost possessed
By the strange words I hear and follow
To the the hidden place of the abysmal sin

Amids the trees I see a glow of a bonfire
And shadows, who dance like the demons below
I tremble from lust, my nerves like wire
The fur-clad people dance like the flames
Their faces contorted by pleasure I can't know

Then, from amongst the ranks of the dancing
Emerges a naked woman, so lustful and sweet
She walks into the middle of the fleshy ring
Bows down and rises up holding a child
Or more of an infant, prepared for her deed

The woman lifts the child high up and screams
Others drop their furs and answer her call
And the things they do are from madmen's dreams
Too perverse to describe, yet so beutiful
The blood of the infant covering them all

I watch the woman kill and devour her children
Blood-covered bodies squirming in ecstasy
How I yearn, how I yearn, to join the heathen!
On this ceremony in the light of bonfires
But I'm paralyzed by fear and my own hypocrisy

I jump up from my bed, oh God, how do I scream!
Torn by fear, for hours I just toss and turn
Later, I wonder what I fear in this dream
Perhaps waking up covered in blood? But why?
The things we dream of are what we really yearn

Lyrics submitted by Daedolon

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