You buried your trail deep under
thousands of pages of fine print

[Enough to bring this crashing down, to burn your office to the ground]

thinking we'd never find it wrapped up
tight in miles of red tape

[Enough to hang you with our minds 'cause you tried to keep us blind]

thinking that no one reads before they sign anymore. But we read, you know we read,
we read and now you're fuckin' dead!

It took years just to find the fault,
to realize that there was something wrong something's wrong inside.

I couldn't sleep so I went to the library.
I brought my shovel.
I followed the dotted line to the X
on the map in my head.
I dug deep and I found the bones,
so now we know the truth:
it was you,
you broke my heart!

...and the hearts of millions more out there like me [Mechanized we cannot stand,
you crushed us with your robot hand].
Now how will we rebuild this ruined flaming mess [Now what will our children get?
Just the rotting mess you left]
that once was a perfect world before you laid your plans?
[It used to be a luscious green,
now it's just a gray machine]
How dare you waste our earth and lives?!
You broke my fucking heart!

It took years of self-examination to find the fault, the tire tracks through our subconscious,
but once we'd found the trail it was as good as over. There'd be no rest 'til we had answers.

We traced the route backwards from our heads to your office,
laying a trail of coarse black powder back to the keg under your desk.
I'm holding a match. It's lit. It's over.

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