Claudine I love ya don't be shy
Come 'round my place I'll blow your mind
I'll show you heaven sure as I can lie
Come on Mr. Heaven let me give you my my my my Mr. Heaven
Um yeah, I'll be, my my my my my Mr. Heaven
Um yeah

I'll make sweet honey, I'll treat you nice
I'll show you sugar, how to juggle them dice
Nail my beard to the bathroom door
If it's what you want baby, come on, come on, take take your Mr. Heaven (scream blue murder)
Um yeah, I'll be, my my my my my Mr. Heaven (scream blue murder)
Um yeah, I'll be, my my my my my my my (scream blue murder)

Claudine, je vous aimais la Bete
I washed your dog, babe, don't forget
Inflate your body, my inflatable queen
Want to get right in your sack o' sack o' skin now Mr. Heaven (scream blue murder)
Um yeah, I'll be, my my my my my Mr. Heaven (scream blue murder)
My god, I'll be, my my my my my Mr. (scream blue murder)

Scream blue murder
Scream blue murder

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Claudine, the Inflatable One song meanings
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    My InterpretationScream blue murder is the same as screaming bloody murder.
    A "beard" is slang for someone who is used as a cover for a gay person. Although, it might just mean facial hair in the song, I've always liked to think she means it as a "beard"
    I think it's supposed to be "Je vous aime la bête" which is "I like the beast" or something like that.
    It seems to be a pretty straight forward song about a man who is attached to a blow up doll named Claudine. He's quite possibly gay and likes to gamble. He's unable to make connections with "real" people so he's obsessed with his "inflatable queen".
    That's my take on it anyway.
    ALouon January 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe sounds in this make me think of a circus or theatrical setting. The main protagonist being a beastly looking circus character who performs with a false beard. Claudine, also being a part of the circus. Juggling is mentioned, and so is an illusion to gambling and using a dice. Blue murder is similar to calling out in protest. It's almost as if he's daring Claudine to scream blue murder after he confidently lures her in, trying to impress her with his circus skills. The language reminds me of old blues and musical songs that used euphemisms to reference sexual relationships or specific body parts. His "Mister Heaven" being likened to Jim Morrison's "mojo." He seems keen on being seen differently, as a "Mister Heaven" versus the beastly bearded character he always performs as in front of audiences.
    Strokette421on February 20, 2018   Link

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