Ever wonder how one days so blessed and the next is cursed
Cause what you do in a day effects the whole universe
It�s mysterious but here it is energy swells
From lands full of sand to the liberty bell
From advanced organisms to single cells
From those living in heaven to those dwelling in hell
Yesterday talking bout something don�t prevail
The power of 24 hours can change and compel
Mr. closely, we still just strangers still
One day a child�s born with its brains of bill
One first at a time, I live mine through music
One day a teacher but always a student

Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day

Some days go quicker than Amtrak
Momentum got me thinking so stand back
He stands back to his benzyl baby
Never let a stiff religion make me crazy
It aint worth it (no)
Picture it to make it perfect
It can build to protect measurements like my verses
Has me verses the world and all its curses
Has me working the evil I�m not a servant
I�m murdered by the fact I�m on my own track
Phone back �cause I�m busy it can really get worn down
Despite my family in group I�m out the loop
But we superior and ready to count as loop

Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, that�s all I got to say

One love, one sun
Wanna know where your time is going when you�re under a gun
I got one fight, one breath
I think ill breath a little deeper until I got outta left
I run away from death every time that I speak
I gotta keep my breathing in tune to when I�m a leave
I think its seasoning to the reasoning to when I have a beautiful talk
I am the rotten a and confiding in your dreaming
You see you�ll never be yourself in this
Don�t forget all if that and get selfish
I�m a gift from the sky in the FBI
I ain�t nothing anything until the day I die

One day I�ll want that you�ll have some trouble with
In one day cause the next day I�ll want to double it
Then triple it, I�m sitting here tripping wake
Keeping this ridiculous vigorous akon jay
I want to take away but I don�t want to be forgotten
So I�m plotting a scheme of screaming demons
Going through my mind in nightmares and day dreaming
That�s a close comparison I was drunk during most of the moments of trash
And at least I can�t remember all the shit that I was passing
Swing swings, extreme highs and lows
One day we�ll see that we�ve got miles to go

Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, ill make it one day
Don�t wanna be free baby, that�s all I got to say

I�ll make it one day, catch my on the runway,
Saturday Sunday, find me in the sunrays
That�s all I got to say, Sometimes its funnay
That I can feel this way, I�ll make it one day ooo

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    General Commenti absolutely love this song omg i was JUST about to post the lyrics to this 'cause i could NOT find them ANYWHERE so i went through all the trouble in typing them out while listenign to the song :|:| omgggg...

    well this song rules its about actually geting somewhere in life and how sometimes theres a determination in you that wont let anythin get in the wya!
    kika_24on January 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlol i just realized...these are the lyrics taht i posted omg...probably like a loong time ago lol...i jsut changed emails but thats me my god lol i love myself.
    kika_24on January 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti wrote them out for a stupid grade 10 religion project taht i did last semester with a stupid cd i had to explain what song meanings meant to mee...im sooo stoked rite now waaaman...jksjsk but damn i hate that teacher. she gave me the chills...yeaahhh as in the muurda chills. lol yo. well this is awesome mann if u ever get the chance,..delete this comment lol or should i call it a blog?? yeahh...that

    please do ahaha oh thsi isnt good. i just relaized that i sent an eamil once saying i hate something about that person using this anonamys email adress taht no one seems to know. o well...no one treally knowasss soooo hhahyea. dude i have this super funny eamil that i love its about a monkey sitting in a tree with a lizard and the lizard gets thirsty so he gos to the river to take a drink but falls in. then a crocodile saves him and hes like wat up yo and the lizard liek i was doin somethin witht he monkey in the tree somewhere inside the jungle wheni fell in...so the croc goes to see for himself and then the monkey goes... "duuuuuudeee eeeffffff whoooooow.. how much water did you drink?" yeah so if u didnt guess the monkey in the lizard were "doing something" lol ahhah .

    wow natasa jsut told me i need a life. ahhha sooo true. ave fun reading like my blogs man. shes helpin me do a math isu that was due on friday worth 40% of my mark wahhahaaa have i started? uhm lol yes actually but i have no hypothesis so therfore im sooo not so far on n e thin lol.

    and then i have a physics isu 10% of my mark due monday. and i have liek an opening intro for it lol on "whats beta? renewable and non renewable" and so far i foudn that non renewable sources are better cuz they have more points and such...but i no taht my teacha bon ya no...wants me to write bout renewable eing beta so i somehow have to b.s. my way through this all...jsut liek tas is guna ehlp me do on my math isu...rite? ...well i seemd ta have no prob bsin my way through religin class last year cuz i got liek a 4++ on that project...butyeah i finished low in the low mid 80s lol. efff i ahte that teacher.. the lowest mark i EVER GOT! wait a seccooond. no 2nd lowest grade 9 english i handed in liek 6/10 prjects so i finished withliek a 70 in that class somehow. BOWL SHIT...aha sound liek ASH HOWL from meet the fockers lol ...word

    hahah no she no nothin bout it. so if NE 1 reads this and wants to give me points help email me!!please! by monday night lol cuz thats when im gunnah effin start this lol ahha woorrd playas.
    kika_24on January 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentahaahaa mt frends kristei si oigns very stupid. so plese DELETE this blogss and thise up three^^ tahnks you rule. from josh
    kika_24on January 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeayy yaa its almost 3 am and im working on homework so damn riteousness!!
    kika_24on January 21, 2006   Link

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