"Lyrical Lies" as written by and Shaant Timothy/falcone Hacikyan....
A old man gave me a tip he said
"Don't waste your time with politics" he said
"Just chase skirts instead"
"Life is too short, and your almost dead" he said
"I met a woman once, I gave her my best shot"
"But never did I talk"
"If I had her back, I'd be as real as my age"
"I so don't blame them, I wouldn't do the same"
"But I can blame them, I'd Sing her this"

And you want to be dressed in poetry
But imagery doesn't fit
And you want resizing
But darling dear get a grip

And I think what I just wrote is going over my head
I'm stealing lines from myself
And what I said was never said
It's just a lyrical lie
Made up in my mind

And you want to be dressed in poetry
But imagery doesn't fit
And you want resizing
But darling dear get a grip

You're moving but not aware
You're drowsy without a care
Except keeping your whites behind your lids
And your lids are your best canvas
I can only imagine what your painting
And your body on my mattress is proof
And your makeup on your pillow is proof

And I think what I just wrote is going over my head
I'm stealing lines from myself
And what I said was never said
It's just a lyrical lie
Made up in my mind

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"Lyrical Lies" as written by Jeff Czum Fernando Cimato

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    General CommentI think that in this song the only lie is that and old man never told him anything. Only because there is no old man. In his mind, he's the old man talking to himself.

    I don't know. Just a wild guess. Feel free to differ. Haha.
    joel! at the discoon July 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentKeep in mind this is SONGMEANINGS.NET not MYSPACE.COM.. keep your "i love this song!! omgomgomg" to yourself, unless its accompanied by something legitimate.

    I think the chorus:
    And you want to be dressed in poetry
    but imagery doesn’t fit
    and you want resizing
    but darling dear get a grip

    means that the girl wants to be everything he writes about. Dressed in his poetry. But what he sees for his work isn't all about her. She cant accept that, and hes telling her to get a grip. It's not all about you.
    Toast1288on August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think she wants to hear things about her and wants to believe what he writes is about her but "the imagery doesn't fit" and "lyrical lies" means he wants to believe it too, but it just doesn't fit.
    courtneyobsessionon September 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe first time I heard this song, all I was was confused. But I think now I'm going to pay attention to some of the stuff that others haven't really commented on.

    “don’t waste your time with politics” he said
    “just chase skirts instead”

    Don't waste your time with politics... Wow. Okay, so the old man, whether literal of figurative, is telling him to stop worrying about everyone else (politics) and get back to the basics- trying to find love. The world is too swept up in itself.

    "and your lids are your best canvas
    I can only imagine what your painting"

    He's obviously talking about her dreaming, right? She must have an incredibly creative mind, and the best comes out in her subconscious. And his too, evidently, because he can't seem to say anything of importance directly to her face. Awake face, at least.

    "And your body on my mattress is proof
    And your makeup on your pillow is proof"

    Proof of what? Proof that he loves her? That she loves him? Is he fooling himself with such material gestures as that? After all, isn't it really all just "lyrical lies"?
    One_Day_You_Willon October 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song starts in first person because the singer (Shaant) mentions himself as me in the first line. He then quotes the old man. The singer (Shaant) is starting to tell a story about an old man, who's telling his own story inside of Shaant's story inside the song. "'Don't waste your time with politics' He said, 'just chase skirts instead.'" This line may mean that the old man himself understands and has made these mistakes in the past. The way the song is represented in stanza and line break is grammatically incorrect. The first "he said" goes with the line "don't waste your time with politics" and so forth. "Life is too short and your almost dead." This line to me means that even if life may seem so long, life can end so quickly for one socially not just physically. The old man wants the singer (Shaant) to realize some things that he himself didn't realize earlier. "'I met a woman once, I gave her my best shot, but never did I talk'" This is the start of his story, the beginning part of quotations are just what he wants the singer/listener (Shaant) to know. "'if I had her back I'd be real as my age'" I believe this line means he wasted so much of his life waiting, and his life style of being alone makes him younger and less mature. If he gets her back he'd be in the position he should have been and he'd be at the point of life where it was right, in his mind. “'I so don’t blame them, I wouldn’t do the same, but I can blame them, I’d Sing her this'” This means that he doesn't blame people's mistakes, but he has the power to and realizes it. The rest of the song should be in quotes as well since it says "I'd sing her this" meaning the old man is still talking, or Shaant is still narrating in this case. "You want to be dressed in poetry, but imagery doesn't fit." This could easily mean that the girl the man was with wanted to be covered with lies about beauty and other stuff, but the real picture and physical contrast of her was nothing like what she wanted him to say. "and you want resizing ,but darling dear get a grip" This could mean that she wants her glory and beauty to be bigger than it is, but even he realizes that she's not and he doesn't care if it's the truth. “And I think what I just wrote is going over my head, I’m stealing lines from myself, and what I said was never said. Its just a lyrical lie ,made up in my mind." This shows he's losing himself with the lies he's portraying her in, everything he says it just what he wanted. "Lyrical Lie" meaning he's lying obviously. "you’re moving but not aware. You're drowsy without a care." This could mean that she's careless, and he just continued to lie to himself. "Except keeping your whites behind your lids, and your lids are your best canvas. I can only imagine what your painting" This could mean she only has the ability to pretend to herself. "best canvas" Easily following the painting is that she paints pictures with her eyes of what she wants and she pretends it's there. "And your body on my mattress is proof, and your makeup on your pillow is proof, But do you think I am telling you the truth." Proof that she believed him obviously, even though he says he lied.

    Well thats my version of the meanings.
    Arckon December 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe I have such a different take on this whole song then any comments I've seen here, full on reason why I made an account ha.

    I see the song completely as a boy being taught at a young age that girls don't like nice guys and to just tell them what they want. I think he talks about how he did this, but looks back and regrets not being true, and not getting a girl who was smarter and had more substance.

    He sings (from my view) about how now he's stuck with the girl who believed him. A shallow girl who doesn't even notice how he's fooled her, and doesn't get it that he doesn't love her.

    "Your lids are your best canvas, I can only imagine what you're painting" -refers to how distorted her view of their relationship is and how she's seeing this as a beautiful romance and thinks the things he says are unique to her and that he means them, but really he's just writing songs for his career. Their not about her, because she's nothing special.

    "You want to be dressed in poetry, but imagery doesn't fit. You want resizing, but darling dear, get a grip." -She should get a grip and realize that she's means little, to nothing, to him. She's just a simple girl that he got by using pretty words. Nothing special.

    The whole song to me means that you shouldn't always take songs seriously, because sometimes, it's just pretty words to make girls feel good. A whole marketing scheme to make shallow women think that boys will think these beautiful things about them, when really all they are is literally, lyrical lies, made up in someone's mind. Nothing more.

    It may be a sad take on the song, but I don't know. I thought this was what the song meant every time I listened over the past few years, as it's a long standing favorite of mine. Reading the other comments though, I'm baffled at how I see it so differently to other people.
    info6792on March 20, 2012   Link
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    General Commentawesome song, great guys, even better website cuteiswhatweaimfor.com
    asunriseaparton May 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgod damn, i love this band. especially this song. probably my favorite.
    wlcmetotherecordon August 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love this band, this song rocks too...what it means?...well...

    probably what it's mostly about:
    those times when you want to say something but you don't, and then you don't have the chance afterward, you never see the person again.

    possibly even the girl of his affection is sleeping on his bed and he can't even get the words to come out when she's awake, so saying them when she's asleep, but unable to say them when she's awake...

    there are definitely multiple meanings in there...depending on the angle.

    no matter what, it's pure magic
    moonbeam23on September 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentLOVE THIS song!
    agree with moonbeam, I think it probably has multiple meanings.
    ifoundyourstaron January 11, 2006   Link

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