"Personae Non Gratae" as written by and Tomas/thordendal Haake....
A lie to maintain equilibrium, to hold me in this dead realm, this last ever dream
I'm the thought that never crossed my mind. Disguised in the evident. Forever unredeemed

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"Personae Non Gratae" as written by Jens Kidman Fredrik Thordendal

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Personae Non Gratae song meanings
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    My InterpretationThis is my view: this is definitely less cryptic and more straight forward than most Meshuggah songs, as far as lyrical content goes. I'm not going to post "I think" every time, just know this is all my opinion.

    "A lie to maintain equilibrium, to hold me in this dead realm"
    The line between not wanting to live or seeing through life's uncertainties is being breached. The viewpoint is from a man who understands his inescapable situation: being. He must lie to himself by giving himself reasons to continue with his life. Seeing what he is and the ambiguity of living turns his inner world dead; but he keeps it together as it's splitting at the seems. The notion of life being a dream is seen with the "last ever dream", showing that this state of inner turmoil and confusion is self-perpetuating.

    "I'm the thought that never crossed my mind. Disguised in the evident."
    He never thought about what he is before. He is alive and aware of this. This presents a very dangerous situation. What is being? How did it come to be? Questioning an ambiguous phenomena such as being results in cyclical patterns of thoughts and questions. Being is the most prominent aspect of life- it is at the heart of existence. Yet, this statement which you've just read probably seems ludicrous. If it did, this is because this is exactly what he is trying to get across. Disguised in the evident- you are alive. I cannot allow you to see this phenomena of self awakening; words cannot describe this bizarre catch 22 situation, maybe that is related to why the album is entitled "Catch 33"

    "Forever unredeemed"
    When referring to spirituality or souls, it is said that unredeemed can mean "cursed". If this event in which I described is correct, then this cycle is torturous. Questioning being is odd. There are no answers and the closer you get to truth the more you realize truth is as about as real as a dream... but how real are dreams? ...and so, it continues.
    ccase2kon February 17, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationWow, no comments for a song as awesome as this?

    Personae Non Gratae is (provided the google links I found were accurate, if they we're please refrain from jumping down my throat) latin for an unwelcome person. I see the lie to maintain equilibrium is a way to keep this person out of something (hence he is unwelcome) and forever unredeemed as a result of being unwelcome. The thought that never crossed my mind is now sparking thoughts that maybe this is a self loathing issue, but I honestly have no clue. Someone help me out here, and if you're gonna sit and bitch about how wrong i am, if you could kindly fuck off and click the back button before doing so that would be greatly appreciated. :)
    ZionsVillageIdioton August 07, 2009   Link

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