this one goes out to all thoes who gotta grow up and move out and move on...this is your song

oh yes time gotta move out of mom and dads
gotta get a job or go to school
its time to face new responcibilities
but in all your years you gained abilities
gotta get a job to pay the bills
even me cause i cant get paid for rap skills
and now its time goota learn what its like to lve check to check aw man what the heck
a phone cost money
hey dont laught it aint funny
gotta make sacrifice
ramen noodles cause easy mac holds a high price
gotta buy your own wonder bread and milk for your lucky charms
but never forget gods open arms
if hell provide for the birds of the sky how much more will he provide for you and i

so cummon
your groin up your movin out your movin on
so cummon so cummon
this is to thoes that are growin up and movin out and movin on
for you i wrote this song
so cummon so cummon
your groin up your movin out your movin on
and on and on
this is to thoes that are growin up and movin out and movin on
for you i wrote this song

do ok maybe
meet the right one and make a baby
share sacred vows save up and buy a house
or maybe you got the single bed
imagine your mate and keep him in your head
dont ever comprimise love cause it can be so pure
you see we got choices to make
to teach his own reaction
so cummon and sease the day
im tellin you that jesus christ is the way
ignite your spirit to move
we're adults we aint got nothing to prove
pride is the downfall but gods love is big enough to over come it all


ok so your ganna go to college
so now its either party of you can gain knowlege
but you dont gotta live like a heathen
smoke so much you stop breathin
your life aint an animal house
gain self respect
most of my friends moved off and got wrecked
i wish i could have told them what im tellin you
your life can be with christ who will bring you through
its never too late to start a new
he can take a wanna be thug and turn him into a preaher
take the dirtiest girl and make her cleaner
even take a wretch like meturn a sinner to a saint
your life is a blank canvas to be covered with paint
just a fight to find artistry
like the one who painted the grass green and the ocean blue
the one who painted the ground blood red
but though the body when he said he was done
the moment that he paid for reachin everyone
but in the end its still your choice
choose the right way choose the right way


well god is big enough and he will show you the way
dont worry about it it will be ok
he loves you more than you can know
hes livin water for you to grow
drink from the water and youll never thirst again
rushing water cleanse my spirit within
cleanse my spirit within


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