"Sudden Rush" as written by Erlend Otre Oeye, Marius Erik Dydwad-brandrud, Carl-henrik Sven Hallen and Daniel Karl Olof Nordh....
A sudden rush of expectation
As I realise it's you
Like a river in a droughtful season
How cool you didn't call
Initial hint of disappointment
The mirror of my smile
That isn't there, that doesn't follow
A very causal 'hi'

Why did you come at all,
If it wasn't for me?
Another blow of resignation
When realise I do

Now in your hands
The book you borrowed
The whole way we first met
Comes together in my head,
When the picture's clear you've left

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"Sudden Rush" as written by Daniel Karl Olof Nordh Carl-henrik Sven Hallen

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Sudden Rush song meanings
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    General CommentIt could be that someone borrowed a book, and came back to return it. When he realizes who it is (that came to his door, perhaps), he is filled with expectations. Thinking sarcasticly, "How cool you didn't call." His feelings get ahead of his brain and he feels the beginnings of disappointment. He smiles and says a casual "hi", but the smile isn't returned.

    He thinks, "Why did you come (here/my house/wherever) at all if it wasn't for (to see) me?"

    He sees the borrwoed book in the person's hands, and starts to remember how they first met (something to do with him lending out the book?). They leave quickly (as someone with no emotional attachment).

    I don't know what some lines mean. I think 'Like a river in a droughtful season' is how he is hungry for a relationship with this person. Not sure about 'Another blow of resignation / when realise I do' though.

    This is all speculation, of course. I'd love to here more thoughts.
    Southboundon July 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe balance between believing that someone is in love with you and the feeling when all crashes down and you come back to reality when you remember that there's nothing there. When he first sees her there's a "sudden rush of expectation" for what could be and tries to justify that she's in love with him-- "Why did you come at all if it wasn't for me?" She comes back just to return the book that she borrowed in the hallway where they first met; not because she likes him. Shut down! It's when you meet somebody for a split second, over-analyze the few small details and tear yourself apart over it, making mountains of mole hills. Story of my life, hah.
    spanwayhitson November 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about premature ejaculation, or cumming in your pants. whichever you like.
    TX9on May 21, 2009   Link

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