"Mexican Boyfriend" as written by and Ambrosia Nicole Parsley Duke Mcvinnie....
I wore the dress that you liked almost everyday
Boxed up all my baby dolls and gave them away
I wrote your name on the wall next to my bed
Any day that I saw you at all was circled in red

What they said was a man drifted over the line
Drove you away and a little girl out of her mind
And the rain fell down and washed off your face
Washed you away, left carnations and stone in your place

My first cigarette and my first pill
My first cup of coffee and my first chill
Now you'll never know my first kiss
Somebody else will
Cause you were the first one I saw
Holding that still

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"Mexican Boyfriend" as written by Ambrosia Nicole Parsley


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Mexican Boyfriend song meanings
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    General Commentsuch a mellow song. to me, about losing someone who was always just out of reach. [days circled in red implying it was rare that he made time for her]. the last part sounds to me to translate into:

    throughout their relationship, he's the reason she quit smoking[last cigarette] and get on the pill[first pill], he kept her up late[coffee] and rejected her[chill]. she thought he'd be the one to share firsts with[first kiss] but now she's all alone. she's unable to move on because he left so abruptly [holding still = dead, or dead to her in the sense he's gone from her life for whatever reason and there's nothing that'll bring him back]
    delialon September 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is just a song about her mexican boyfriend. shes decribing how important he was to her(enough to wear a dress a lot,circle days in the calender in red, write his name on the wall by her bed, and posibley smoke and do drugs/"my first cigarette and my first pill"). most likely her first boyfriend since she "boxed up her dolls and gave them away" meaning she said goodbye to her hildhood and grew up into a romantic phase.

    Her boyfriend dies. possibly a car accident "a man drifted over the line,drove you away and a little girl out of her mind". She "left carnations and stone your place"/the place of the accident. friend and family usually do this where there is a car accident.

    Now that he's dead she goes on to tell him that someone else will know her first kiss because he is dead/"holding that still".
    partidaf_17on March 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWell, when I hear the song, it makes me picture her a very young girl... like just coming of age, 12 or 13 at most. probably less. and she looks up to this guy who's much older than her (20s?) ... y'know, like a little crush. except i imagine him as someone that was there for her in her life, like a family friend or something, idk.

    i just think that she adored this guy. she tried to be grown up for him.

    one day he died, and in the last stanza she's talking about she's gonna be growing up with him not there, going through all these rites of passage and growing out of her innocence (first cigarette, first pill, first cup of coffee) ... and says, in a very sad manner, that he will "never know" her "first kiss." she also mentions her first chill, foreshadowing that she's going to experience being rejected or broken up with or some other emotionally "chilling" thing.

    i think the love here is less of a romantic love, just a very pure and innocent love.

    also i think when she says Mexican Boyfriend it could also have more meaning than just him being Mexican... like, idk this might be stupid but "Mexican boyfriend" makes me picture him as some kind of ... desperado, or Mexican cowboy. hahahaha. there's really NO proof for that in the song but it's just the feeling i get. like maybe he was on the wild side.

    one last thing... i think the words in this song can apply in a lot of different ways... just like most songs. for example, it makes me think of an ex-boyfriend i had whom i fell in love with instantly, and who was Mexican. we didn't last long at all, but i kept thinking about him and waiting for a very long time.
    carpexomnison March 04, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"What they said was a man drifted over the line..."

    I'm reasonably sure this means her Mexican boyfriend crossed the border and was shot, under the assumption he was an illegal alien. This makes the song all the more poignant, as her innocent love for him (they hadn't even kissed) wasn't enough to protect him from her own townspeople. She later numbs herself with cigarettes and pills, and gave her dolls away as a symbol of growing up overnight into a harsh world where fairy tale love is trumped by bigoted reality. Her innocence and illusions are gone.
    manpuppyon December 23, 2011   Link

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