Kvinnofientliga nymoralister
Sexhatande puritanister
Censurivrande antiporraktivister
Moralisternas harskartekniker stryper all debatt

Sexuell revolution igår - Moralisk repression idag

Sexualkorrekta sosse-karriärister
Manshatande Dworkinister
Homofobiska högerextremister
Ni äcklar mig mer än Ron Jeremy

När ni ropar efter censur - ropar ni efter diktatur

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Shocking nymoralism song meanings
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    General CommentThis is what the band say about this song on their webpage:

    The debate about pornography is totally infected by lies and prejudice. The level of it sometimes reminds of the debate that went on in the eighties about heavy metal causing teen suicides. So many times we have seen ”experts” and politicians, from left to right, in a raging moral panic calling out for censorship against pornography in the name of ”Women’s rights”. (The women working in the porn industry are not asked to say their opinion about it, strangely enough…) Christian moralists and sexually correct politicians are not interested in women’s liberation or sexual freedom at all. They would never give money to pay for free condoms at schools, or a radical sexual education based on pleasure - not reproduction. Anything that is different from a heterosexual-christian-marriage-missionary-position-in-the-dark is sick and perverted in their eyes. The sad thing is that many people of the left-wing are buying into this bullshit. In the end we are biting ourselves in the tail, because if we let politicians take control over our sexuality.
    bladeton April 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHallelujah!
    If you, like me, feel like this but is afraid to speak up because of what your friends or family would say, then educate yourself on the subject!
    This is a good place to start:
    Just remember, don't let other people make up your mind for you.
    bladeton April 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI read the text, amazing. I like the understanding way it explains everything while fully confronting it at the same time. To the text, as most Totalt Jävla Mörker songs, deep, quite dark and down in a way and agressive. Love it.
    Ante Vanteon April 27, 2008   Link

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