"Out Of The Dark" as written by Thorsten Boerger and Falco,....
Ich krieg von dir niemals genug
Du bist in jedem Atemzug
Alles dreht sich nur um dich
Warum ausgerechnet ich

Zähl die Stunden, die Sekunden
Doch die Zeit scheint still zu steh'n
Hab' mich geschunden, gewunden
Lass' mich geh'n

Was willst du noch
Willst du meine Tage zählen
Warum musst du mich
Mit meiner Sehnsucht quälen

Deine Hölle brennt in mir
Du bist mein Überlebenselixier
Ich bin zerrissen
Wann kommst du meine Wunden küssen

Hörst du die Stunde, die dir sagt
Into the light
Out of the dark
Into the light
To the night

Ich bin bereit, denn es ist Zeit
Für unseren Pakt über die Ewigkeit
Du bist schon da, ganz nah
Ich kann dich spüren
Lass mich verführen, lass mich entführen
Heute Nacht zum letzten Mal
Ergeben deiner Macht
Reich mir die Hand
Mein Leben, nenn' mir den Preis
Ich schenk dir Gestern, Heut' und Morgen
Dann schließt sich der Kreis, kein Weg zurück
Das weiße Licht kommt näher, Stück für Stück
Will mich ergehen

Muss ich denn sterben
Um zu leben

Hörst du die Stunde, die dir sagt
I give up and close my eyes
Hörst du die Stunde, die dir sagt
I give up and you waste your tears

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"Out of the Dark" as written by Thorsten Boerger

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    Song MeaningThis is actually a song about a drug addict who overdoses and dies as a result of his addiction. The first line "Ich krieg' von dir niemals genug" means that he can't get enough. "Alles dreht sich nur um Dich" means that everything centers about "you" (meaning the drug). The song goes on discribing the addict as a helpless victim of the drug. His addiction commands, hurts, and tortures him. Even though he is fully aware of his desperate and hopeless situation, he doesn't have the power to overcome his addiction. The second verse is about the addict slowly dying. "Heute Nacht zum letzten Mal ergeben Deiner Macht" means that this night he subjects to "the power" (of the drug) for one last time.

    The chorus is quite obviously about dying ("I give up and close my eyes"), whereas death is certainly seen as redemption, as a relief. It is willingly accepted by the addict, because it seems to be the only way he can overcome his addiction. The single most quoted line of the song is "Muss ich denn sterben um zu leben", meaning "Do I have to die just to live". In other words the only way to achieve peace, end the suffering and escape the hopeless situation is to die.

    The artist refers to "the drug" only implicitly, it is never directly mentioned within the lyrics. But within the context it's pretty obvious. One major hint is definitely the line "Du bist mein Überlebenselexier", meaning "you are my survival elixir". That strongly indicates some sort of "substance" and not so much the "you" being another person.

    FALCO did some other songs about drugs (GANZ WIEN, DER KOMMISSAR,...) as well and this one just fits in. FALCO himself had to conquer his own drug and alcohol addiction, maybe that's why it is a recurring theme in his songs.
    wienerbluton October 01, 2013   Link
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    General Commentcan't believe no one commented.

    this is a great song/lyric.
    for those who don't understand the text:
    it's about dying. the part where you can leave the dark earth and get into light/heaven. about how bad life was for that guy & one time it says "do i have to die just to live?" i think this is sentence MEANS so damn much.

    as i was young, i didn't undertand the meaning of the song, but i love it. later, when i undertand it. i cried. because it's so incredible sad.

    and: falco died shortly after recording the song.
    coorktreeon February 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhen you hear the song, one of his last (or the last one), you really feel like he knew he would die soon... though that's ridiculous, of course...
    juliecaesaron August 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti don't think this song is just about dying. there's much more to it!
    in my opinion this text tells about a person, a beloved or someone who means everything to the singer. in this song the feeling is described which is linked to this person and to the thoughts about this person. maybe it's about an unreturend or broken love that breaks the singer and kills him hinside. he's caught in that feeling that doesn't let him go and he's not really dying but he's dying inside. otherwise he's living from this only feeling. the person is not really there, but the thought og this person makes him survive.
    and in my understanding the text "do i have to die just to live" menas to get over this person. as i said he lives from this feeling because if you are unlcky in love you want to get ober this person but you want that feeling to remain. but, and i think this is wat this song expresses, if you want to live again and to feel fee again, ysou need to throw away this feeling. just to let it go, the feeling and all hopes which are connected to it. this might let you die but is the only chance to live again.
    nightdanceron August 27, 2008   Link

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