The only way for me to come back, is by Makaveli.
Thats me.
All these motherfuckers stole it from me.
I'm takin' back what's mine.

[slow voice]
You motherfuckers can't stop me.
Even if I die, I'm gonna be a fuckin' problem. Do you believe in ghosts, motherfucker? Real live...black...ghosts. Feel me.

[Verse one]
Some say I'm crazy, these punk-ass cops can't fade me.
Mama tried to raise me, but had too many babies.
Papa was a motherfuckin'...joke.
Used to find dope in his coat,
and nearly choked when he'd tell me not to smoke.
Damn, don't get me started,
my mama smoked so goddamn much
when she was pregnant, I'm surprised I ain't retarded.
At night I can't sleep, can't peep,
as they pass through the glass of my neighbors five...deep.
Starin' at the wall, heard a scream.
Wake up in the mornin',
see the blood in the hall from the murder scene
Don't cry, just ask why, and try not to die,
as I take you through a ghetto nigga's lullabye.
On the corner, where the niggaz sling they crack,
and the undercovers jack those that don't watch they back (Five-Oh!)
I daydream about the dope world.
Take a puff from the blunt and watch the smoke swirl.
My Mausberg goes boom, what's another plug
Snatchin drugs, pumpin slugs in these other thugs
(Give it up nigga) Don't run out of breath.
Every step could be death, 'til you blast
And be the last nigga left, then I'll be ghost.

[Chorus x2]
Don't cry, just ask why, and try not to die
as I take you through a ghetto nigga's lullabye.

[Verse 2]
A seven-deuce full of niggaz goes by.
Thought I was trippin the second time they rolled by.
Recognized the plates, the faces looked familiar.
Everybody swear they know the nigga that's gonna kill ya.
Don't murder me, murder me, killa a nigga in his sleep.
Let me die as I rest in peace...deep.
Back to these niggaz in the seven-deuce,
a Mac-10 out the window 'bout to let it loose, what could I do?
Run for cover and return fire,
Die motherfuckers, die, hope yo' ass fry, don't ask why,
but I let off everything I have.
An empty clip hit the ground as a nigga dash,
on my ass was the motherfuckin cops now
Barely breathin, tryin to keep from gettin shot down
Boo-Yow is the sound, bullet whizzed by
Still runnin like a nigga got nine lives.
Don't know why but I'm runnin to my fuckin' block [gun shot]
Took a shot, tired of runnin from the niggaz and the cops
Time to be a ghost
(Hey man! Come the fuck on!)
And then we'll be ghost

[Chorus x2]

Fuck the police nigga!

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    General CommentDamn, this song gets pump up...When I'm driving makes me feel like running people over who look at me funnny....They trying to test me....Yeah break all the rules and just flip out..Kill those suckas....Cool song....Talk is bullshit...You gotta do that shit....I hate hypocrites....Ah it don't matter....This song like letting go and fuck society rules...Fuck the police...You gotta protect yourself cause they aint gonnna help you...they are your enemies like the rest of them....Good song kill em bastards...
    crazyhorseghoston April 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMy friend gave me this album for Christmas and I have to say that this is one of my favorite songs off it. Pretty easy to see the meaning: Mother did drugs and had too many kids to be able to take the time to pay attention to individuals, father tried to tell his son not to smoke but started coughin' on his own haze, gangsters pullin' up out of nowhere tryna kill ya and you gotta retaliate just to protect yourself and the police are always after you because you done somethin' wrong. It's the true story of so many people's lives in the ghettos. I'm a little bit of what you might call a wigger so whenever I'm in a gangster mood, I play this song. It's a good one for getting out frustrations and anger.
    Don't go out and kill a cop though because that's bad. Never kill, kids, unless it's absolutely in self defense. I gots a friend who killed someone and it ain't a good thing.
    Aulakausson February 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGood song, great to drive to. The basic story of uncertainty of what will happen next and an upbringing in which one is exposed to poverty and the ills that accompany it is captured well. The part I find most interesting however is how the protagonist's instinct tells him to run back to his own 'block'. An instinct that Pac obviously felt and understood, one could argue that the area known to them would provide the best chance of survival in this situation, or as i like to think one wishes to die in familiar surrounding's, to return home and go out. Also the way in which theres two sides to a story and the Police only saw one side, i.e. the protagonist's retaliation, they never saw the primary attack whcih leads to the gun fight. Good tune.
    chammymanon March 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyou ppl are driving me crazy

    Its proof that Tupac Shakur IS alive. "Makaveli" is another way Tupac used to spell the author "Machiavelli", who wrote a book about faking death.

    the ending especially reveals how he will be coming back

    "A seven deuce full of niggas goes by
    Thought I was trippin' the second time they roll by
    Recognize the plates, the faces look familiar
    But everybody swear they know the nigga that's gonna kill ya
    Don't murder me, murder me, kill a nigga in his sleep
    Let me die as I rest in peace, deep
    Back to these niggas in the seven deuce
    A Mac 10 out the window, 'bout to let it loose
    What could I do? Run for cover and return fire
    Die motherfucker die, hope your ass fry, don't ask why
    But I let off everything I had
    An empty clip hit the ground as a nigga dash
    On my ass was the motherfuckin' cops now
    Barely breathin', trying to keep from gettin' shot down
    *Boo-cow* was the sound, bullet whiz by
    Still runnin' like a nigga got nine lives
    Don't know why, but I'm runnin' to my fuckin' block
    Took a shot, tired of runnin' from the niggas and the cops
    Time to be a ghost"

    if you unscramble "makaveli" you get "am alive"


    amandzon September 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti fuckin agree with amandz! fuckin open ur ears ppl!!!
    Wolfy94on December 08, 2009   Link
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    General Commentamandz is right, Pac is alive and well, in cuba
    usernotavailableon April 04, 2011   Link

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