They say it's ornamental
But it's pretty real to me
It's just experimental
But I think I disagree
Might be accidental
Slippery as the wind
And it was once a circle
Now it's getting thin

Used to be cheap love song
Satellite as it falls in Alaska
Silver moon it's close at hand
Satellite as it falls in Alaska
Message is message was
Shadows in the trees
Growing much faster
Silver moon it's close at hand
Satellite as it falls in Alaska

It's artificial water
Splashin' all around
And though you might be sinking
You can never drown


Lyrics submitted by Jimmifrisbee

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    General CommentClick this song and find one of the greatest unsung heroes of modern music......

    Sorry that was just for the one time chance occurance for when they show my comment on the main page......

    anyways this song fucking rocks..... i just randomly remembered the band eyes adrift today, and im like who the fuck are they?

    then i amazoned them and sampled this song and i was like holy shit I remember this song and i loved this song!!!!

    Go here to for a free down load of it…=*

    anyways the band has since disbanded and no longer performs.....

    that is a real shame.....

    Krist Novoselic is amazing, I had my doubts about him for some reason but these guys just blow them away......

    I wish they had decided to remain a band.....

    maybe hopefully once Krist ends his midlife crisis and realizes that he is not a politician he will get back to writing songs.......

    I am going to buy the album as soon as I can.....

    I cannot believe that this song did not have any commments....

    But for the love of God go to that link pleasssseEE!!!!

    these guys are amazing
    N0 C0DE 79on September 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentEyes adrift is amazing.. Because damn its Krist.. Bud, and the dude from the meat puppets what more can u ask for other then kurt? this song is Just amazing i have no idea what it means lmao
    nirvanainirvanaon December 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentLovely feel-good song. I like the video too, Krist is like a big baby.
    I think the chorus is Curt looking back on a trip to Alaska that he took with his brother Cris when they were young.
    azkmon May 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentEyes Adrift was such a great band. I don't know how their debut failed so miserably, I thought it was amazing. As for Alaska, great song...probably their best, though Blind Me and Inquiring Minds were pretty incredible as well. I think this song is about global warming.
    "They say it's ornamental
    But it's pretty real to me" People denying global warming.
    "And it was once a circle
    Now it's getting thin" Getting thin=melting. Arctic CIRCLE? maybe, I don't know for sure.
    Not to mention the fact that Krist Novoselic has always been politically active, hell, the guy left music for politics. And the name of the song is Alaska...just sayin.
    rtm617on May 06, 2009   Link

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