"cash or clash" as written by and Fredrik/farm Larsson....
I shouldn't live in this part of town.
Human nature sure has let me down.
Segregation! Does it rign a bell?
Well, I've gotta name that you can't spell.

Oh yeah, I know I've said it all before,
that I don't care where I belong no more.
Well, I'm just amazed cause when I look around around,
there are only rich, blond kids at the near playground.

At the Wellpark Tramstation they get in and you get out.
It's a modern world sensation and it makes me wonder.
Yeah, it makes me wonder what it's all about?

I say it's fear, it's fear, for all what's queer.
If it's strange we panic. Yeah, we won't come near.
And this, this fear, won't disappear.
No, the problems organic. Yeah, it will stay here.

I know I'm here cause I've got the cash.
Yeah, once you've got the money there won't be no clash.
Yeah, money is kind of sweet, it solves a lot for me.
God bless A.Smith and the economy.

So what's a citizen to do?
Well, I could change my name or give all my money to the fewl?

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"Cash or Clash" as written by Fredrik Larsson Mathias Farm

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    General Commenti have no idea wat this song is really about.... something about being different?....im clueless... but it has an awesome tune
    katdefudgieon June 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's about the clash between the rich and the poor, and how people with money fear those without. so it's kind of about greed
    sortileguson February 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is wonderful. from what i understand it is about segregation, as it says. he is describing this nice expensive neighberhood where everything seems perfect, but you only see rich blonde people there, and they pretend no one else exist. keeping away everything that doesn't fit with this perfect little world. (If it's strange we panic. Yeah, we won't come near.). And the problem is the other people (No, the problems organic. Yeah, it will stay here.) i dunno if Wellpark Tramstation is real or a muck place, but i guess is a transport station where they have to meet all this real people they are so afraid of.

    a. smith is adam smith, father of political economy.
    dado507on July 15, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretation@ dado507

    Yeah, I think that's pretty much what it's about.
    Wellpark is a play on a place in Millencolin's hometown (the same town I'm from). We've got a place called "Brunnsparken", and Brunn means Well (like on you get water from) in Swedish. Itäs a rather high class place.
    It's the same kind of joke like in "Pennybridge Pioneers", since penny is a small amount of money, and so are Öre in Sweden. Bridge in swedish is bro. The town is called Örebro = Pennybridge.

    Just fun facts for all you non-swedes! ^^
    Sir Pringleson February 11, 2010   Link

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