"Gunz Come Out" as written by and Andre Romell/jackson Young....
[Chorus: x2]
Y'all niggas know (what what y'all niggas know what I'm about)
Y'all niggas know, find me at my do' when the guns come out

I do this all the time, stuck with a little shine
Walk with a little nine, case I get in a bind
They say I'm fuckin' crazy, they think I'm out my mind
Cause I'm down to bust a nigga head all the time
Now you know the hoes, they know how I roll
In that new Rolls with the suicide doors
22 inch chrome, a nigga money low
You try to touch me, I put out ya get ya brains blown
You go against the grain, pussy and you on ya own
You right there in my zone, welcome to the terridome
The ice blowin' my chain, blood blow in my veins
Blue still in the range, I'm doin' my thang
The semi auto spray, run if you get away
I'll find your whereabouts and clap at you another day
Nigga play with the bread, get a hole in ya head
You touch a dime of mine thug and your ass dead

[Chorus: x2]

In the hood, hoopty, hate low, niggas don't know I'm around
Hop out, hit 'em up, lay my murder game down
You see me in ya projects, 187's in progress
Hard niggas finna' soften up when that lead touch 'em
You cut 'em once and keep fight, fuck it just keep cuttin' em
Its real killa instinct, kill or be killed
Trust me, you don't want to feel how hollow tips feel
Fuck around and get ya cap peeled
Nigga you know the drill, Brownsville
Flat bush, ground heights, Brooklyn Zoo
Feed the wolves, they eat the food
And they ? fathom too
Nigga welcome to the jungle, New York New York
Gangstas who signed ??? actually let their guns talk
I'm cool with some bloods, I'm cool with some cripes
I'm cool but if there's a problem, I got extra clips
I don't know karate, but I split the bricks
I don't love 'em loverboy, we the shit bitch

[Chorus: x2]

I'll come through and touch ya, walk out then cut ya
In case your dumbass want to tussle
Are-15, co-exist to make the shell case muffle
Scope, ? run you're still dead
Hit your calf, hit your ass, hit ya back, then your head
Contract killer, murder for the scrilla
Search, find a nigga, run up behind a nigga
Shoot car windows out to flat line a nigga
Gun pop, heart stop, homie this is heavy
You on your way to meet your maker, nigga are you ready
No exception to the rule, death is promised
Plus I just bought my niggas new macs and llamas
Got respect for you, ? I will accommodate you
One phone call and niggas will exterminate you
No future fuckin' with me, there's no tomorrow
Niggas'll run up on you tonight and hit ya the hardest

[Chorus: x2]

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"Gunz Come Out" as written by Curtis James Jackson Mike Elizondo

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Gunz Come Out song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is an attempt to get a friend of his to come to terms with his homosexuality. It's long been suspected that the friend in question is labelmate W. Axl Rose, a long-term sexual partner, or 'bitch', of Fifty Cent. In the homosexual offshoot of Ebonics street slang known as Figga, 'peeling the cap' means to roll back another man's foreskin, while 'fuck around' means to be sexually promiscuous. 'Hit your calf' means to slap one's penis on a male lover's scrotal sac and 'hit your ass' is self-evident. Basically the song is a call to arms to the singer's bashful rock star boyfriend to come out of the closet, a brave stance to take in the hypermasculine world of Black Music.
    screedon July 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgood song...no comments?
    weezer10on January 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm sorry, screed, but clearly you have no idea of what you're talking about. Mr. Cent is obviously promotion transsexuality here.
    WVonHapsburgon July 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBollocks, complete bollocks, why would anyone actually take time to listen to this bullshit? 50 cent isnt a gangsta, hes a fuck wit!
    Phoenix-ignition333on June 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMan, I love this rap game mainly cause it's cool
    To add a little spice to the life you've been through
    Everyone exaggerates a tiny little bit
    Make that shit sound more gangster than it really is

    Let me tell you something that I realized tonight
    Hip-hop radio's like Marlboro Light
    They're both selling stories and they sound about the same
    Cigarettes say they're safe, rappers claim they really bang
    We don't care if it's true when we lay the money down
    We don't believe the words, we just love the way they sound
    They're acting we're like idiots, they're lying to our face
    Maybe we are idiots, we buy it anyway

    ^ THAT is the rap music industry summed up. Cause anyone who believes that 50 Cent 'caps as many niggas' as he claims to, we all know he'd be doing 25 to life right now.
    People take the lyrics and bullshit that rap puts out believing its true. But in truth, its all lies.
    Real rap is strong, talks about the REAL issues. Fort Minor, K-os, and more rap groups are realizing that it doesn't have to be 'gangsta' to be good!
    Fuck 50 Cent until he starts singing about music that's worth listening to. Unfortunately I doubt he has the capacity, ability, or awareness to spot the issues to write about and making songs worth listening to.
    BraedenVAon March 27, 2009   Link

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