"I Dont Need Em" as written by Anthony Best and Curtis James Jackson....
It is what it is man

Sirens flashin', you know the routine, the crime scene taped off
It started out a robbery, they blew half his face off
They seen him shinin', course full of diamonds he bought
Grindin', his foot slipped off the ladder of success he was climbin'

The D's came through, asked the niggas if they knew what happened
Somehow my name end up in anything that involves clappin'
Detectives at my mama crib, they say they wanna question me
They put me in a line up last time and they arrested me

When it come to cookin' coke, they know I got the recipe
I turn a quarter to a half, that's why they mess with me
I'm the neighborhood pusher, I move packs to make stacks
A little weed, a little X, a little H, a little crack

Figure, I push it to the limit, take this shit to the max
Navy blue vest on, navy blue Yankee hat
Calm, in my palm, fully loaded fire arm
First to let off, last to run, every time its on

I tell niggas to suck my dick
Get the fuck out my face 'cause I don't need 'em
'Cause they're never around when I'm down
Shot and I'm bleedin'

What, niggas yeah
Is there a mothafuckin' problem nigga
Oh yeah that's what I thought so, pussy

Niggas be talkin' about me, they always callin' me crazy
Fuck them O.G. niggas, they stuck in the eighties
Sayin' they gonna do me somethin', now you know that's a lie
Nigga you look at me wrong, I'll let that hammer fly

I'm rich, I still wake up with crime on my mind
Queens nigga put it down like Pappy Mason in his prime
When I say move, nigga move or get caught in the cross fire
Up a fence runnin', cut my fuckin' hand on a barb wire

Shits crazy, just a different day, its the same shit
Hollow tip part in ya head, leave ya whole fuckin' brain split
They sit, they see me in the Ashton Martin
What's the matter, they can't get that hoopty started

Thought they was grindin', well goddamn where that money at
Thought you was fucked, 'cause you was lettin' paper stack
You ain't a hustler, matter of fact, yous a busta
I don't trust ya, I should a sent niggas to touch ya

I tell niggas to suck my dick
Get the fuck out my face 'cause I don't need 'em
'Cause they're never around when I'm down
Shot and I'm bleedin'

Who said they gonna do somethin' to me
You must be out your rabid ass mind
Fuck around and kill one of these niggas

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"I Don't Need Em" as written by Curtis James Jackson Anthony Best

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    General Commentokay..this goes to ... I bet you don't even know what 'gangsta' even means you stupid little fucker! What the hell does "ya feel me?" even mean?? Why don't you learn how to speak proper Engilsh, you stupid illiterate cunt. And you need to listen to some REAL music, you little bitch.
    i_rule_allon July 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentpanc and 50 cint both suck
    highlander924on March 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwell highlander.. if you bothered to look at the lyrics of an unpopular 50 Cent song, u must like him a little,
    and why is i rule all trying to act hard over the internet?? probably cuz he knoes he cant get his ass kicked this way, smart bitch
    Emcee_Ghoston April 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazingly dark and in it 50 goes back to his gritty dark and damp mentality that he grew while in the streets.

    i encourage this song to be listened to by anybody in a bad mood, or with dark intentions.
    YA DIGG!!?
    Emcee_Ghoston September 17, 2008   Link

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