intake ambiance, a tool for meditation.
progressing towards the clouds at with whom i am complete.
defeat the chains that restrain an eager sensation.
equal balance in and out, all inhibitions shall deplete.

i'm trying to break this writer's cramp, massage my hand and day dream,
out the window, innuendo, watch the water find its path down the glass.
it seems erratic direction its only perfection,
rest my head inside my hands, pace back and forth inside my mind.
i wish sometimes i wouldn't reminisce so much,
such things tend to make one reflect and disect situations to an extreme.
hard now to redeem what was there before, no more,
gone are those days and ways have parted,
gone from feeling solid trust to outsmarted.
anyway, i'm now moving on to a distance far from yesterday,
it's best this way, i felt as though i've miss this moment of truth.
outcome uneventful, i've lost the ability to heal sentimental,
i can stare at a puddle and see a million places i love.
it comes from thoughts of places i've been,
places i will never see again,
send my love to all who were there wishing i could crawl back in,
but, i've transformed and the pieces wouldn't fit,
so the sore necks will cease.
eyes searching to the sky to try to find some form some peace,
and i keep pulling up blanks,
yet i'm wearing this mask for the sake of others.
we all miss things, i suppose, i must let go, well i'm not ready.
just let me sit in silence and soak in what's trailing down the window,
to cleanse my emotions, to begin the process of preparing myself.


i watch the drops join its friends and become one with the crowd,
relating all too well, forcing me to sigh out loud.
look into clouds to envision the inside of my head,
i'm turning leaves at this turning point remembering what they said,
as they drove off one by one, they left, taking pieces of me
until i felt empty inside.
already looking forward to that day when i'd be returning,
and i hadn't even left yet.
from then on, i took the inside-out approach.
your granted lots of time to think when your new position is coach.
and your team is sleeping the whole time,
when it's 2:40 in the morning and you're in the middle of nowhere,
with the buzz of the a.m. radio as the only one that's there.
you think alot about life, it's where it all began for me,
and the more i thought the more i began to clearly see absolutely every aspect of my life in a new light.
i figured out my rubix cube, well i got it somewhat right.
and things are coming together as i slowly come undone,
and the occurance known as it is swept under the rug,
and now my burden ways a ton, but it only makes me stronger,
and i refuse to break. i'm letting things pass by for the family's sake.
just give me a picture of the truth, so i can hold it near,
and watch the rain fall, syncopated with one lonesome tear.


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