I'm feeling weak and it's because of you
You have the power in your hands to crush me
And I think you like it
This game has gone on far too long
You say it's not a game but you lied to me
And I know I don't belong

You know where to find me so you do
And the whole time you know that I am wanting you
You like to see me reach for what I'll never have
So tell me why you say you care when you don't
And tell me why you hint you'll be with me
When we both know you won't

I never asked for you to pretend
So live your life and I'll live mine
And this will be the end

All the words I said to you were real
But should I take them back 'cause you don't feel the way you said you feel
Yeah, I fell for every caring line you ever said
And I'm kicking myself for being so ignorant and stupid

Now I'll do anything and everything to hate you
I'll love someone else
I love someone else

You liked the attention, admit it
I've got no more to give
I've got no reason to live
But still I'm smarter than you'll ever be
Because I know I don't need you
I only need me

You're atempts to get to me have failed
I just don't care
I just don't care

If I told you I'm a liar what would you believe
The positive?
The negative?
Or something in between

It doesn't matter
I know you've moved closer
And next time I see you you'll be the one being screwed over

You have no idea what you're getting into
And I'd warn you if I cared
But I don't and never will
Not again
Not for you
You're a whore for attention
And you'll take it anywhere you can get it

You're atempts to get to me have failed
I just don't care
I just don't care

So leave me to love again
Or let me move on my own
As long as you're not with me
I'd rather die alone

I'm glad my pain could get you off
Because you know I never could
You fed on me like a parasite with no remorse
Anything to make you feel good

You're a hornet's sting
You're my broken wing
You're a one night fling
You don't mean anything

And I don't care

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