You'd better watch yourself, kid,
Or at least watch your feet.
There's cracks in the pavement you can't even see.
Folks are breaking their backs all over this town.
The police have their best
But they can't figure it out.

What they don't understand
Is that it's all down to luck
Or destiny
Or divine will
Or whatever you want.
The point I'm trying to make is,
Try hard as you might,
If the fates are against you
You're going to break your spine.

Listen closely, son,
I'm going to let you in on a little secret
That everyone is perfectly aware of
(in their own way),
Just no one ever mentions it
For fear of what the neighbours would say
If they got a hold of it.

You'll find as you get older,
Things will start to make more sense
As you see your flaws in others
So efficiently you scare yourself.
And you'll find that everyone you meet,
Despite how nice they seem to be
Is just another aspect of your personality
You particularly despise.

I used to know a girl,
I heard she won the lottery.
That's 100 million to spend as she pleases.
She had six long years of high school,
Of people calling her a whore.
They spat on her clothes
And left her bleeding on the floor.

I wish I could have saved her,
But I never had the chance...

Face it, Matt,
You're talking shit.
Why have you always got to go and bring heroics into everything?
You're always saving somebody,
But you're never really helping anyone
But yourself.

Oh God...
I'm sorry, kid, for what I've said.
I'm not quite sure what just happened.
I must have gone and lost myself,
It happens every now and then.

Life is slowly killing you,
Get out while you still can.
While you still have your faith,
While you still have your friends.

But while summer still holds meaning,
I doubt you'll understand.
And when you're old enough
You'll figure it all out for yourself.

So go out into the streets.
Go out and make the world your own.
Just don't come crying to me
When the cracks start to show.

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