"Your Only Escape" as written by and Newsham Gajadhar....
evil has a sweet sweet scent,
wickedness is new and fresh each time,
do you sense it? can you sense the glory in it?
i was just like you, i was the pauper to the demon,
and you can have it too,
the power and the feelin',
it's in the semen and in the blood,
it's in all of us...

do you wanna live?
do you wanna live?
then come with me.

call me demon, call me friend, call me anytime,
i will sell you out for the slightest doubt like your friends did,
if there's a way in then there's a way out,
of course there is,
if there's a way in then there's a way out,
i'll let you think that way for now,
just to know...

evil has a sweet sweet scent,
wickedness is fresh and new each time,
do i make you salivate?
what does the pauper have to say?

evil has a sweet sweet scent...

i didn't find you you found me i hope you got what you wanted.

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    General Comment"how would you think that way's the best,
    just to know..."
    "i’ll let you think that way for now
    (just for now!)"
    unitedbyfate03on March 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe line is 'I won't sell you out' not 'I will sell you out'
    Pretty big difference if you ask me
    I think of reading Faust when I hear this song and because the band is known for literary reference, I would guess that’s what it’s about on the surface. But to be deeper it is about the nature of evil as it relates to man as a temptation, a burden
    , and an eventual downfall.
    Levi_GTon February 08, 2006   Link

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