There’s a scheme right now that’s brewing in the office of The Rat
For the profiteers of baseball by the passing of the hat
They plan to dupe a public that’s already on it’s knees
Cuz they wanna build a stadium to bring baseball to DC

It’s a dirty plan to colonize the poorer side of town
As a means to serve interests of the richest folks around
Building stadiums and condos as the working people flee
That’s the outcome that we’ll have if they bring baseball to DC

The owners have been searching for a Mayor with the nerve
To steal 400 million from the folks he claims to serve
As they scheme to cut their costs at the expense of you and me
Cuz it’s profitable business bringing baseball to DC

The public will be forced to pay for 86 percent
To build this private stadium and subsidize it’s rent
To cover costs for maintenance of it’s facilities
They’ll give corporations handouts to bring baseball to DC

Their estimated price has dropped now lower than before
As they’re strategizing how to sneak their foot inside the door
Cuz once they’ve started building there’s the Mayor’s guarantee
Of an endless stream of dollars to bring baseball to DC

They’re serving us the myth that this will brings jobs to the poor
But those jobs will be through Labor Ready sweeping up the floor
Yeah they’re not creating jobs, they’re creating poverty
It’s a war against the workers bringing baseball to DC

Now the owners of the stadium can collect some extra pay
By renting it for profit when the Expos are away
But have no fear the city will get use of it for free
For 12 days each year for bringing baseball to DC

Now there’s folks in every neighborhood that firmly stand opposed
Saying “we want cash for people not for baseball’s CEOs!”
This working-class community they’d bury in debris
Putting profit over people to bring baseball to DC

The owners want this money by December 31st
So the Mayor’s got his henchmen and his bank on red alert
If we ever hope to stop this then action is the key
If we organize against them bringing baseball to DC

So it’s up to folks like us now to step up to the plate
To fight these greedy companies before it is too late
The more we stand together than the stronger we will be
We will crush their plans to bring baseball to DC

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