Left home with the best of intentions
Now she’s fed up with the pressure and tensions
And how no one in her life
Ever lived the life that they talked about

Digested all of their lessons
Now she’s trying her best to forget them
For the first time in her life
Left to live the life that she talked about

But her truck broke down just outside of town
She never planned on having all of her plans get fucked
So she starts to cry and kick the pick-up’s side
The Ford sputters to life by some stroke of luck
And she just laughs a kinda nervous laugh
And hopes that the best of intention’s will be enough

Six o’clock and it’s time to rise
She’s got work in an hour and bloodshot eyes
And it’s just another day
Gotta get the fuck up and get paid

Head is aching and her feet are sore
Six bucks an hour to be Wal-Mart’s whore
And she’s selling her weekdays
To buy her weekend’s back when she gets paid

She starts breaking down on the bus cross-town
She never planned on having all of her plans get fucked
This dream is all a lie, she’s feeling broke inside
And her self just wants to self-destruct
She spits and bleeds and cries
Sometimes, it doesn’t seem that best intentions’ll be enough

But they wave the flag and they make us proud we’re the chosen few
Just don’t drag them down or ask them how they hold the bottom line
Good morning, America, how are you
Quit pretending you’re some friend of mine

This country’s all broke down, we’re fucking nowhere bound
They say that hopes and dreams just aren’t gonna make the cut
But she won’t compromise, she’s planning a big surprise
“That’s fine”, she says, and turns now in disgust
And they just laugh a kinda nervous laugh
Cuz one day she’ll be back to fuck shit up
And until that day she won’t give in
Not until the best of intentions are enough

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    General CommentThis song is about how capitalism is portrayed as something great, but the labor inside it is actually just a waste of time. But people have no other choice but to go along and work for businesses.
    AnarchyWeaseLon May 23, 2006   Link

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