what better time to rise than now
the war is still ragin there's no talk of pullin out
there's 10 thousand dead civilians
and that's just from the bombings
and when you mix that with the sanctions
then the numbers get alarming
but no one seems to hear it

conquering has always been their intention, this is clear
shit, they've overthrown the governments of
almost every country south of here
Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala
The Dominican Republic, Honduras, Argentina
not to mention Haiti
and if they didn't overthrow them
then the world bank surely did
with the trojan horse of debt relief
for the poison of the pen
or with helicopters and tanks

what better time to rise than now
the factories are closing and the schools are shutting down
both canidates for president are full of shit and not hesitant
to just admit they're paupers for the corporate men in government
the pentagon, the CIA, the CEOs all find away
to make their wealth and keep it
while poverty leaks through ghetto streets
it's like the papers just delete
or people just don't read it

what better time to rise than now
and instead of asking questions
let's just try to find out how
cause if they're so brave and they're so mighty
why were they so afraid of that protest in Miami
they spent 20 million dollars just to keep it all contained
so the public wouldn't hear about this thing they call free trade
they built a fence around the meetings cause the CEOs are scared
and they were receiving federal funding so the cops could be prepared
but what are they? and who's providing them this right
they put shackles on the masses and therein lies their might
their power is protected by the silence we convey
as we work like little robots on their projects everyday
we produce the cuffs that cuff us with the very same hands
but if we stop that production then we stop their plans

it can be that easy

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