Certainement, on aurait pu s'ennuyer encore un peu plus et s'inviter à des diners entre assistantes socialistes ravagées, s'intéresser vaguement à un érotisme chic et pas cher. Mais même la tristesse et l'ennui, la terreur et la peur de l'oubli sont des vues de l'esprit auxquelles on souscrit pour mieux oublier qu'on git. Et pourtant qu'est-ce qu'on rit. Mais tout ça reste dérisoire et ne me met plus d'aucune humeur. La modernité, du code binaire et de l'alcool Quelques variations autour de la lisibilité. Certainement, on aurait dû s'ennivrer encore un peu plus et avoir envie de croire à la multiplicité, ou même de passer un été à lire. Boire pour ne pas oublier d'où l'on vient et où l'on va. A défaut de faire montre d'un goût pour l'ascèse, c'était rudimentaire d'accepter la disparition du sentiment d'appartenance, mais même sur les lèvres les plus closes, c'est si facile de lire la distance. du code binaire et lisible.

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    General Commentlove. "binary and legible"
    redandbluejeanson May 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTranslation:

    Certainly, one could have been bored still a little more and have invited oneself to dinners between devastated socialist assistants, have been interested vaguely in a smart erotism and not expensive. But even sadness and the trouble, the terror and the fear of the lapse of memory are sights of the spirit to which one subscribes for better forgetting than one git. And yet what one laughs. But all that remains ridiculous and any more no mood puts to me. Modernity, of the binary code and alcohol Some variations around legibility. Certainly, one would have owed ennivrer still a little more and to want to believe in the multiplicity, or to even spend a summer to reading. To drink not to forget from where one comes and where one goes. Failing to make watch of a taste for the asceticism, it was rudimentary to accept the disappearance of the feeling of membership, but even on the most closed lips, it is so easy to read the distance. binary and readable code.
    Spartacusprimeon December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLol... that is literally translated word for word.
    EnergyCondomon January 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHere is my friends translation, he grew up in quebec so he speaks pretty good french, don't mind all the random stuff in brackets he added, just sort of his opinion on some stuff

    Sure, we could have wasted a little more time inviting ourself to dinners between "devastated socialist assistants" (no clue wtf that means), satisfying vague curiosities in regards to fancy/classy(?) eroticism, though cheap(this is supposed to be ironic, fancy vs. cheap aka meaningless). But even sadness and boredom, the terror and fear of (might need to add "being" in here)forgetting are (i'm going to put emotions here, but thats not quite right) emotions we "put on" to better forget that we (this next one is a wierd word choice..) "bleed/live". And yet, boy do we party/laugh/live it up. But it's all so ridiculous and leaves me feeling nothing. Modern life, binary code and booze.

    Sure, we should have gotten a little more drunk and really tried to believe in (k i dont know how to put this into one word, but "multiplicite" means a bunch of differing viewpoints co-existing peacfully, which is funny because thats exactly what happens generally when you're drunk) or maybe spent an entire summer reading. Drinking so we don't forget where were from and where we're going. (LOL THAT WOULD ONLY MAKE SENSE IF YOU LIVED IN QUEBEC, if i understand it right. kinda like russia and vodka lol) Unable to maintain self-discipline (lol im pretty sure this is a french reference to sXe), it was "primitive" to placidly accept the loss of this feeling of belonging, but even on the most closed of lips its so easy to read the distance... (restructuring it here, but it makes sense this way-->) [the distance on those closed lips] is binary code and easily read.
    MabTreeton June 20, 2008   Link

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