you can telephone all over the world
giving everything you've got to give up
for sure, that you've found the right girl
you can wonder why you make yourself sick
you can fight it but this feeling is starting to stick
well it must be assigned
that my heart is my own design

take me to a watery grave
never to be heard from again
well I swear, that I'll still be there
I wish I could be better to you
I don't want to make you think that
my heart is untrue
well it must be assigned
that my heart is my own design
when it's all over

for my heart is my own design
and I hope that you keep that in mind
when it's all over

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    General Commentwhaaaaaaaat is this no one has posted yet?????!!1

    Well if you are reading this, then this must mean that you like this song. Which means that you freakin rock. I can;t figure out if its saying that his heart is not for who hes with, or he's jus tsimply stating that this is what his "heart's design" says.

    Did that make sense? cause it kinda made sense to me. whatever I give up. (walks away and pouts in corner)
    lahdydahon December 28, 2005   Link
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    General Commentfreakin' great song indeed! this song will stick in your head for days once it gets you! I think too that the "heart design" reference previously posted is pretty accurate, and also, when you say your heart is your own design and you say that whatever goes, you'll still be there (to me) is directly amazing... my own design, and the love is yours.
    TigerlilyGirlon January 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think what he means by "my heart is my own design" is that his heart cannot overrule his mind.
    basically-it doesn't matter how hard you try to tell yourself that "you've found the right girl" if "this feeling is starting to stick" and you "wonder why you make yourself sick" then your heart is telling you that this girl is not the one.
    "well it must be assigned" that his heart "is his own design"- his heart overrules his mind. His heart represents who he is, and who he is depends on his own design. He can be whoever he wants to be. He doesn't want to be untrue, his heart is his genuine self -so "keep that in mind, when it's all over" when he breaks up with her or when he dies
    marabel313on January 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwell, first of all, GREAT SONG! yeah folks, it rocks.

    second, the title up in here is spelled WRONG! so i couldn't find it under general search, haha. "hear design" lol.

    anyways, it's "well it must be a SIGN, that my heart is my own design"... makes a lot more sense, to me anyways.

    i think the songs about being in love and that it's a choice, that he can actually control his feelings to an extent. thus, all the symptoms of love (telephoning, giving gifts, making yourself sick) are SIGNS, or symptoms, that he can control. thus, he can design his own heart... he's not like a leaf blowing in the winds, he's master of his own destiny in his love life.

    i think lol.
    muaddib420on February 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commentmuaddib420 I couldn't agree more, although the "420" in your name makes me question what I just said.

    "anyways, it's "well it must be a SIGN, that my heart is my own design"... makes a lot more sense, to me anyways."

    Yes, SIGN is right.

    I think what makes this song great is the breakdown at the end of the song - with a little less than a minute left - it's brilliant how the music from the rest of the song all comes together.
    mang5000on May 24, 2007   Link

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