I'm haunted by the strains of human limitation
sending you letters like I'm daring you to, in relation to you going astray.
What seemed like a lifetime spent riding on the wingsof the backwards devils.
It was as if I had fled from a lion, only to meet a bear.
Cut off when I saw the unseen. Sending me to my home,
covered with dust and ashes.
Humiliation and insignificance.

Oh, the curious teeth of a bear; those fangs,
a continual lash and spur onto dedication.
I will not be moved or shaken. I will not be misled.

Messenger follows messenger

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Scientifiction: II. A Swarm of Dedication song meanings
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    General CommentEven the album title suggests a protestant critique of civilization, built in the name of god: "O God, the aftermath". One of my favorites as well, but the christianity of their message is WAY too overplayed. There is a way to be a christian and care about something other than saving people from sin. Live through christ gets closer. These are christians, but still metal fans. Metal is the most critical musical genre of modern civilization and the horrific consequences.

    The beginning of this song is key in understanding the end. the concepts are linked by more than a common track. See my comments there. But further, the opening of this track :

    "strain of human limitation" is genetic, but is a reference to our biologically programmed urge to further ourselves and our immediate progeny over anything else. Even future generations whom he would send a letter to, telling of his own's mistakes.

    The mistake is "riding on the wings of backward devils"--riding, getting a free ride; wings, being lifted by development; backward, like savages; devils, god doesn't want this version of civilization.

    It's like people are working in their own interests, fleeing lions of starvation, only to find the bear of unintended consequences: "cut off when i saw the unseen"

    his home, covered with dust and ashes, is more a metal than biblical reference--the apocalyptic landscape of earth is being referenced, sending him into it as in killing him. humiliated in terms of our hubris; insignificant, in terms of our species.

    back to the bear--symbolic to many co-existant hunter-gatherers, most likely because of the ability to observe what the bear eats and get a rough sense of what you can in a new landscape. here it is dually referenced as the impact of how we choose to live and make sustenance, as opposed to the lion, the threats of day to day life without cities and farms.
    Thus, the di-symbolic "bear" urges him to destroy this horror (with god on his side or not) before it destroys him.

    Jeremiah 51 is a portion of the bible most frequented by Rastafarians--as it is a tyrade against "babylon," the symbol of an evil civilization. The phrase metalcore utters, "One courier follows another and messenger follows messenger," actually ends, "to show the king of babylon his city is taken at one end."
    cloud rideron April 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNot sure why Im the only one with a posting on here, but this is my favorite song on "O God, The Aftermath." Im just taking a wild guess, but I think that the song is about trying to save someone for Christ. Hes upset that he cant save them himself because of the "human limitation" and is afraid that he is coming across like hes daring them to try God and putting a lot of pressure on them. The rest after that I think is his testimony. Everywhere he turned he found something else that was hurtful to him, with the whole lions and bears and whatnot. This life was cut off when he saw the unseen (God) and was sent to his home (a life in Christ) after being humbled before Him. Then hes just reflecting on his life and the teeth of sin (the bear) that are only a "continual lash and spur." But hes resolved in Christ and "will not be moved or shaken. I will not be misled." He is a messenger to the person hes telling about Christ, following Christ, the messenger who came to tell Earth about the way to salvation. Let me know if this sounds good to you.
    UsSpecialOps7on March 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentNice, i think thats exactly what it means. Good song
    proven_guitariston August 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJeremiah 51: 31

    "One courier follows another and messenger follows messenger"
    Metalcore_Manon January 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI somewhat agree with some of the things UsSpecialOps7 said however, i believe this also is him talking about our society. With the title of Scientifiction and the line "I'm haunted by the strains of human limitation" Seems he is emphasizing our societies blind faith in science alone. I think he uses strain to refer to DNA, which is a big part of scientific remedies for our problems these days dealing with many mortal illnesses and diseases. Then further down he says "Humiliation and insignificance" as we won't ever meet the expectations we are trying to reach. We are simply not enough to solve these problems and science is not the answer to everything. He goes into this idea further with "Oh, the curious teeth of a bear; those fangs, a continual lash and spur onto dedication" as we continue to live blinded by our curiousity, but we won't stop because we are so dedicated to be in control. However he will not be mislead by their efforts to disprove the spiritual and replace it with science. He knows God is in control
    LiveThroughChriston February 12, 2006   Link

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