"Organic Shadows" as written by and M�rten/haake Hagstr�m....
The glued-on sheet of self control. The ply of sense, of sanity
-Cracking at the seams. Torn from my reality
The motion of thoughts subdued. Overcome, suppressed by terror
The mouth of fear overfed by dread beyond measure

Pounding waves of overload running through my every nerve
Will reduced to nothingness. My system overturned
My mind resigns to defeat. Internal razors activated
-Slashing trough unprocessed thought. The severance of self complete

Heartbeats hammering at the sight
A revelation to wrap my soul in fear
Blinded by the neverlight
as I stare into my organic shadow

The bin of repressed emotions crammed
Limits of pain by far exceeded
I stare into the blank
the mantra of dead silence repeated

Hear me
Find me
Save me
The dead me

(Shallow breathing. Eyes not shut, not open
By fear silenced. Incantations never spoken)

This hell of vacuum abound
with the chanting whispers of the mute
Exposed to the wrath of neversound
-The words of my organic shadow

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"Organic Shadows" as written by Marten Hagstroem Maarten Hagstroem

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Organic Shadows song meanings
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    General CommentIt's about inner change and finding who you truly are. He's been hiding in his organic shadow, another pawn of society not wanting to speak his mind, "The motion of thoughts subdued. Overcome, suppressed
    by terror [of the government]". He wants the real him and not the one created people, "Hear me. Find me
    Save me. The dead me."
    Death Igniteron January 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentPut incredibly simply, he's going insane.
    At first, he's just starting to lose it. He's managed to hold it together thus far, but his "glued-on sheet of self control" can't last forever. He fights it as hard as he can, but his willpower is being depleted quickly.
    At 1:29 (Heartbeats hammering at the sight), things get heavier. Things he didn't want to feel, things he was afraid of, surface completely. He stares at his own likeness in his shadow, like he's terrified by his own self.
    Then, at 2:15, things change up again. The drums get all crazy, and our friend has just completely lost his mind. He's trapped in his own mind, unable to even communicate with the rest of the world around him. It's like he only exists in the shadow he sees, which is now taunting him with its silence.
    Ampulex_Compressaon July 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationThe song is about a person with chronic severe anxiety. At first, I thought it was just about having a panic attack, but other lines in the lyrics, such as, "The bin of repressed emotions crammed," show that this is a chronic condition.

    The first paragraph talks about how emotion, specifically fear, has taken over the person's whole life to the point that he or she is not acting rationally.
    (The pity of sense, of sanity.)

    The second paragraph describes the process by which his or her constant fear is ceasing all other thought--emotions, logic, personality, etc. The fear is so overwhelming that the self is gone.
    (My mind resigns to defeat.
    Internal razors activated--slashing through unprocessed thought.
    The severance of self complete.)

    The third paragraph goes on with the theme of the second. The person is now a(n) (organic) shadow of what he or she once was due to the destruction of the self.

    The fourth paragraph continues the dialogue of the past couple paragraphs. In the fifth paragraph, the person is calling out for help, but likely not aloud since he or she has lost his or her emotional/psychological autonomy.
    (Hear me. Find me.
    Save me. The dead me.)

    The last paragraph is about the hell he or she now lives in. The chanting whispers of the mute are his or her internal thoughts. The person waits for someone to save him or her from that hell of isolation and fear.
    vsepron June 01, 2015   Link

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