"Random" as written by Danny Harrison, Louise Amanda Harman, Gabriel Olegavich and Arthur James Gordan Smith....
Everybody in the club getting tipsy
Oh fuck that, just whine like a gypsy
Can't see straight, like I only got one eye (pop)
Your bottle open oh my
Let's, get started
Move ya arms 'round like fucked up karate
Ooh shit, my word plays nasty
Ooh shit, don't put it past me
Move titch get out the, way
Ah, nun of that I'm here to stay
Flow lazy, pick the pace up when I flow less hazy
Jlo's got a batty
Well you can't see mine cause I wear my trousers baggy
Anyways, yeah, let's commence

Everybody get random
All gyal them, all man them
Everybody get random
Jus' do something random
Everybody get random
All gyal them all man them
Sovereign get random!
Jus' do something random

Smokin' kills and so do my lyrics,
If you're poppin' pills then trash in a-with-it
Cause I got the skills ,
And I'm over the limit
Dishin' lyrics like meals every second every
Ding! Dong! Special Delivery (hello)
Biggest midgit in the game, can't get rid of me
Give me just a minute and I'll be your facility,
My words hurt you jus' like loosin' ya virginity,
Well, I'm right there
Na' I'll tell a lie 'cause I'm
Right there,
Right here
Na' right here,
Now get off your chair! I mean Chair
Some English mc's get it twisted
Start saying cookies, instead of biscuits !

Anyways yeah lets , commence

[Chorus: x2]

1, 2 S.O.V is comin' for you,
3, 4 better lock your door
5, 6 cause I'm full of tricks.,
So everybody come and vibe with the little titch
Switch, hush


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"Random" as written by Louise Amanda Harman Danny Harrison

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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    General Commenti don't think we need to be concerned about our i.q.s so much as the degredation of our society when this guy has a username like 'quiffporn.'
    pablohoney94704on March 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentProbably more telling of how low society has sunk down the toilet, is the fact that chav scumbags are beating each other up over cigarettes and 13 year old girls are getting pregnant while listening to this garbage, as we speak and yet it is a silly user name, containing the word 'porn', that causes offence...
    quiffpornon March 27, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis songs okay but i like Tango better. I hope someone would put the lyrics up for that song
    I.M.A.Q.Ton August 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentDear 'quiffporn'

    I really think you're missing out on something here. I think Lady Sovereign is great. You may not like the music, but please don't tell me what she does isn't incredibly skillful. She's witty, bold, funny, and importantly, she has something to say. I can't wait for the album. She's so recognisably English, and I think that's great too, especially in an industry full of people singing in pseudo-American accents.

    I doubt very much whether "13 year old girls are getting pregnant while listening to this garbage". And even if they were, could you enlighten me on what this has to do with Lady Sovereign? I obviously missed her track called "Are you 13? Then go out and get pregnant".

    And your whole rant against these people you call "chavs". I find it sinister, nasty and hateful. It's discriminatory, derogatory, immature, and it tarnishes a whole social group with a massive generalisation. Sure, you get idiots dressed in tracksuits and trainers causing trouble. But you get idiots everywhere. I don't know if you realise how dangerous you sound.

    IQ is a ridiculous concept, but seeing as you use it to denote intelligence, we'll go with it for a moment. Please tell me how she is "lowering our collective IQ". I'd like to hear about that. She's using the language she speaks in. She's manipulating it for her own ends. She's using rhythm and rhyme with a level of skill that few manage. And her wordplay is good - I'm looking forward to seeing what the album has to offer. As for "bastardising" the English language - well, that's the beauty of language. It's ever changing, and can be manipulated to wonderful effect. I can't honestly think of any performers who don't bastardise it to one extent or another - I'd be interested if you can prove me wrong on this one.

    I'd just like to say one last thing. When a talent comes along, it seems such a shame to ignore it or deride it just because it's not dressed in the fine regalia that you normally demand from your entertainers. Or who sing in perfect RP English.

    Because no-one does.
    keithnevilleon August 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentFor the record, I too doubt the validity of IQ gradings, with relation to measuring interlect, but:

    While I disaprove of people continually pointing to singer, actors or other people currently in the public eye, as being bad role models I also think it is slightly naive to think that young teens, looking for an identity will not look to people like 'Lady Sov', as points of reference, and when the people they are looking to, can barely string a sentance together without a swear word or a word they have made up on the spot, I begin to fear for the future of this country.

    The notion that the image of the 'Chav' is something cooked up by middle class idiots as a way of looking down on the working class, is totally retarded. The fact is, I consider myself 'working' class and I suffer as much as anyone at the hands of Chavs. Prejudice and discrimination has nothing to do with it, the fact is that while I know one or two people who dress in tracksuits and baseball caps, who are nice people, generally they are a bunch of feckless, untrustworthy, work-shy filth, happy to mooch off welfare or steal, in order to sustain themselves. And don't tell me that I don't know what I am talking about, I am sourounded by the thieving little pikies, every day.

    With regard to your comments about the evolution of the English language, you seem to be under the impresion that any change is for the better.
    Are you honestly suggesting that words like; "gyal", "proppa-nah" and "finkin" should be added to the dictionary, simply because a certain demographic chooses to shun the English language, in favour of sounding like they have brain damage?
    That is the same as eating your dinner off the floor, so that your dog feels he is part of the family.

    Now down to the main point, as I see it:
    Lady Sovereign is not talented.
    There, I said it.
    It has nothing to do with the fact that she looks like a crack addict, it is because she is completely without merit. She has nothing of any worth, to say and she is deeply, deeply stupid.
    Genuinely great MCs have been able to rhyme well, without having to butcher the English language, to fit the sentence, to the point that it no longer means anything.
    quiffpornon September 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTell me a rapper that doesn't butcher the English language.

    I bet you can't.

    Also, you seem to be under the impression that Lady Sovereign is most popular with the people you call Chavs. I'd argue that this isn't the case.

    And despite trying to write a more balanced argument in your last message, you still slip into insult and generalisation. I'm sorry if you feel surrounded and victimised by a group of people, but it does explain your mentality a bit better. But come on, stupid? How many 19 year olds do you know with a talent like that, or the drive and belief in her talent that she has?

    Do you not think your anger would be better directed at the myriad of teenage girls singing about sex and the record companies that peddle their trash to young girls? OK, fair enough, you don't like Lady Sovereign, but she writes it herself, she's not being told what to wear and say. Even if I don't like something, if it's honest and real I'll back it every time against most of the stuff that is classed as music these days.

    If you do have an open mind, which I'm hoping you do, try listening to either of her collaborations with The Ordinary Boys. She remixed their single "Boys Will Be Boys", and they remixed her single "9 to 5". Both are well worth a listen.

    As for your rose-tinted view of the past: you do realise that it's exactly that, don't you? I'm interested in whther you actually believe what you say, or whether you just get yourself worked up and say things you don't really mean.

    If you want a list of past examples of bastardised language in songs from the last 50 years, then let me know and I'll send you some examples. There's loads. And as for making up words, well, if no one did that, we'd still be grunting. Do a bit of reasearch, if you're honestly interested in a debate. Go to a search page and check out how many words Shakespeare made up or bastardised to fit his sentences.

    This is fun.
    keithnevilleon December 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIf Chavs are not buying this garbage, then who is? (apart from you, obviously).

    I know loads of people with drive and ambition, it just sweetens the deal when you find a way to get rich by doing nothing of any worth.

    I don't feel victimised by Chavs, anymore than the rest of society, but it is hard to not hold a very stereotypical view of them, when, given half a chance, they act up to the commonly held view that they are thieving, untrustworthy, stupid, intolerant 'doleies'.
    Trust me when I say that next time someone steals your mobile phone or your car stereo, it will be a Chav.

    I agree that the English language is an ever-evolving lexicon, but as it stands, we still have a language which has a pleasing sound. Left in the hands of pikies like Lady Sov, we will soon have a language which makes us sound brain damaged, where correct spelling and complete sentences are considered archaic. I guess this is moving away from the point (the point being that Lady Sovereign is a grimy little scally crack-whore, peddling garbage to a generation of welfare mothers and work-shy boy-racer retards), this I feel is more an argument for the filtering of language, in order to maintain the integrity of the English Language.

    I simply can't disagree with you in strong enough terms, when it comes to talent. She has none. Her vocal styling sounds like when some racist guy talks about how rappers 'ain't got no talent' and that 'anyone could do that', and then goes on to prove himself wrong, by attempting to freestyle.
    Nothing she does is particularly skilful, it only rhymes because when she isn't making up words to fit, she is mispronouncing existing words and in either case, her lyrics are totally meaningless. While I am aware that Shakespeare frequently strayed from the template, he did so in order to give his writing an edge, often altering words, to sound a certain way, within the sentence, or to give his writing an onomatopoeic quality. What he didn’t do was shun correct sentence structure based on a poor grasp of the English Language.

    "Do you not think your anger would be better directed at the myriad of teenage girls singing about sex and the record companies that peddle their trash to young girls?"

    There are tons of artists who suck, Lady Sovereign was simply one of the first who sprang to mind, but at the same time, I don't see how you can say that they are more deserving of my hatred. Surely making a career out of having very little talent and a potty mouth is just as bad as peddling a bunch of generic garbage, to an audience too young to know any better.

    I think that in this sense, a resolution will be a long time coming, because we seem to have very different views, as to what constitutes talent.
    quiffpornon December 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI'm sorry, but I do find you funny. You try so hard to sound intelligent, eg:

    "I agree that the English language is an ever-evolving lexicon"

    And then within a few lines you end up embarrassing yourself again:

    "Lady Sovereign is a grimy little scally crack-whore, peddling garbage to a generation of welfare mothers and work-shy boy-racer retards".

    Do you realise how stupidly hypocritical your argument sounds?

    The girl has got talent. If she didn't, she wouldn't be causing the stir she is. She's got some surprisingly decent people queuing up to work on her album. She's already worked with Basement Jaxx and The Ordinary Boys. And newspapers and magazines have written some good articles on her.

    OK, you don't like her, that's fine. There's plenty of bands I don't like, and a few I hate, but I can still say that many of them are talented.

    Where do you stand on The Streets and Dizzee Rascal? I'm interested. Are they talentless "Chavs" (TM) too? What about American rappers? I don't know, er, Eminem, Jay-Z, Andre 3000? Do you like them? I'm still interested in your opinion of what makes good hip-hop.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't think Lady Sovereign is the best thing ever. Far from it. But she's fresh, she's talented, and she's got a great deal of potential. She's 19, for goodness sake.
    keithnevilleon December 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI am glad I amuse you, it is intentional.

    Hype is in no way indicative of talent. Remember the Spice Girls? Remember how much of a stir they caused? Remember how God-awful they actually were?

    While I am not a fan of The Streets or Dizzee Rascal, their talent is (as far as I am concerned) undeniable. They have both breathed energy into a scene, which had grown stale, due to one too many 'wannabe gangsters', content to put in the bare minimum of effort, in order to get rich.
    As for the 3 american rappers you name checked, again, I feel they are hugely talented (although Eminam has decided to squander his talents of late, by trying to imitate 50Cent).
    The thing that made Eminem so revolutionary, was his ability to tell a story and his ability to rhyme words, which simply shouldn't rhyme, without butchering them.

    The fact is, you could walk round the streets of Birmingham (although I wouldn't recomend it) and find hundreds of kids who can freestyle better than Lady Sovreign, she really is nothing special.
    quiffpornon December 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOh will all of you just shut the hell up and dance? It sounds good and you can kinda sorta dance to it. So dig it and shut up.
    pumkinhedon December 19, 2005   Link

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